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Meet Maxx: Cruise Planners’ New Mascot on a Mission to MAXXimize Travel

Cruise Planners (Logo)Cruise Planners is excited to introduce the newest member of our team Maxx the D.O.G. (Director of Globetrotting)! Our advisors were eager for a mascot that represents their (CRM) tool CPMaxx, which was designed to help our travel advisors MAXXimize their business potential, efficiency and profitability. (more…)

Cruise Planners Celebrates Fifth Annual CP Day in Broward County and Marks 30 Years of Success with $1 Billion in Sales

30 Years of Travel Franchise Success

Cruise Planners, the nation’s largest home-based travel franchise network is celebrating several milestones. The Broward County, Florida Commission officially proclaimed January 29th, as “Cruise Planners Day” five years ago on January 29, 2019. (more…)

Cruise Planners invites advisors to their Coral Springs Home Office for popular Tech Days event

Cruise Planners, the nation’s largest network of home-based franchise travel agents, hosted a 2-day workshop at its Home Office in Coral Springs, Fl. that delved into all the best practices and to familiarize themselves with the new, proprietary applications that the company has rolled out. (more…)

Cruise Planners’ 2nd 2023 Elite Summit sails on the Seabourn Encore to Israel, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey to recognize top producers

With 2023 marking a year that will induct more top producers into the top echelons of sales tier than ever before, Cruise Planners hosted the second of two bi-annual Elite Summit trips on the magnificent Seabourn Encore from May 14-20. (more…)

Classic Vacations selects Angela Kelso as recipient of 2023 scholarship to E3 Summit in honor of late COO Vicky Garcia

Cruise Planners (Logo)Classic Vacations has chosen Cruise Planners Travel Advisor Angela Kelso as the recipient of a Scholarship to attend the 2023 E3 Summit in the name of Cruise Planners late COO and Co-Owner, Vicky Garcia. The scholarship will cover the cost for participation as well as air accommodations. (more…)

Cruise Planners releases list of 2023 Travel Trends. Travel industry is back in a big way and the demand is at an unprecedented rate

Cruise Planners (Logo)As we look ahead to 2023, it’s clear that the travel industry is back in a big way and the demand is at an unprecedented rate. At Cruise Planners, 2022 ended on a positive note, with purchases up 15% versus 2019, which was a banner year for travel. (more…)

Cruise Planners launches innovative new tool for reservation amenity tracking to increase advisor’s efficiency and showcase their value to their clients

Cruise Planners (Logo)With the myriad of offers and promotions that are available from travel suppliers, consortia partners, Cruise Planner’s Home Office team and more, Cruise Planners has created a new tool called the Amenity Tracker. (more…)