Cruise Planners Unveils Cutting-Edge Marketing Tools

Cruise Planners (Logo)Cruise Planners, the nation’s largest home-based travel advisor franchise network, introduced several new marketing initiatives to its travel advisors during its annual convention.

These tools are designed to make it easy for advisors to reach their clients in new and fun ways with creative, engaging and useful travel content during the vacation planning process. The best part is that there is no extra charge to our advisors, all these new tools are included.

Highlights include:

MAXX INTELLIGENCE: Maxx Intelligence is a new tool that leverages the power of AI to enhance content creation within CP Maxx, Cruise Planners’ custom-built CRM and booking system.. Powered by ChatGPT program, Maxx Intelligence allows advisors to easily and swiftly create new content or enhance existing content through artificial intelligence with the click of a button. Cruise Planners is the first travel industry agency to leverage the power of AI with this fully integrated tool.

MAXX CREATOR: Advisors can now easily create custom robust and professional emails, newsletters, flyers and more with the Maxx Creator tool. Agents can easily choose from several templates and simply insert images, special offers, important links, and body copy leveraging Maxx Intelligence.

CP MAXX VIDEO LIBRARY: The new Video Library tool in CP Maxx will give Cruise Planners advisors the ability to further customize and personalize their clients’ experience. Using this tool, advisors may upload a video file or record their own video and easily share with clients or features in their marketing. When recording a video, advisors can create a script to assist with the recording process and ensure a smooth recording experience. Furthermore, videos can be presented to clients during an interactive LivePlanner session.

MICROSITES: Cruise Planners advisors now have access to more than 100 different travel microsites that can be added to their websites, sent via email, included in confirmations and shared during Live Planner sessions. These microsites feature cruise lines, tours, exciting destinations, and travel styles such as family cruising, and group travel.

“Cruise Planners continues to innovate and support its advisors with easy ways to provide engaging content for their clients with minimal time or effort “ said Michelle Fee, Founder and CEO of Cruise Planners. “It’s all about making vacation planning easy!”

(Cruise Planners Unveils Cutting-Edge Marketing Tools – Cruise Planners)