Cruise Planners Hosts Advisors to Multi-Day In-Depth Tech Learning Event

Cruise Planners (Logo)Cruise Planners hosted it’s first of three, two-day Tech Days in 2024 at its Home Office in Coral Springs, Fla.

Participating franchisees are taught by industry leading technology team members about the abundance of tools and programs to help them run their businesses as effectively and efficiently as possible. Those attending the event can actively engage, ask questions, and gain insights on how to best leverage the tools in the Cruise Planners platform.

“At Cruise Planners, our award-winning technology suite sets the industry standard for innovation and customization to meet the current needs of travel advisors. Our commitment to providing best-in-industry technology tools is unwavering, and we prioritize in-person events to foster meaningful interactions, setting Cruise Planners apart from the competition,” said Michelle Fee, founder, and CEO of Cruise Planners. “You’d think these new programs cost the advisors more money- At CP, our agents don’t pay additional fees to get access to these new technology tools.”

Tech Days curriculum includes:

Sensitive Data Storage – Credit Card Authorizations
Cruise Planners advisors will now be able to store CVV codes (security code data) for payment cards for a defined period of time with other payment card data in a manner that is safe, secure, and compliant. This allows advisors to seamlessly process customer’s payments with ease and promptness.

Maxx Creator
A marketing tool that enables advisors to create professional and visually appealing emails, flyers and newsletters built from three different templates.

Maxx Intelligence
With an integration with Chat GPT, advisors can enhance their content through the power of artificial intelligence. Advisors have access to a content generator that empowers them to effortlessly create new content, refine content and more by utilizing artificial intelligence to generate responses based on prompts.

Video Library
Allows advisors to record or upload videos directly into CP Maxx, their CRM tool. The tool also allows advisors to create a script and acts as a teleprompter for professional video recordings. Videos can be utilized in several places including inside a Trip Summary, during a LivePlanner session, via eCards and flyers, newsletters, and emails.

LivePlanner Collections
An extension of LivePlanner, Collections are bundles of assets sourced with our vendor partners that can be presented by advisors during a LivePlanner session. Collections are currently available for multiple partners and cover topics related to destinations, ships, and supplier brands.

Email Capture
Email Capture allows advisors to easily append an email to a customer’s profile or reservation. It provides advisors with an efficient and convenient way to store, track, and view client email communications in CP Maxx and can be sent from any email platform.

“We believe that Tech Days offers our advisors a unique opportunity to go deeper into the tools and systems we provide them. The hands on and highly interactive nature of the event is what our advisors are most excited about,” said Chief Information Officer of Cruise Planners, Brian Shultz. “While we offer many training opportunities online, Tech Days offers an opportunity to learn several tools at once with a focus on better understanding of how the tools will help them become more efficient and effective in their day-to-day business.”

The next two Tech Days will take place June 19-20 and August 14-15 at Cruise Planners’ Home Office in Coral Springs.

(Cruise Planners Hosts Advisors to Multi-Day In-Depth Tech Learning Event – Cruise Planners)