Cruise Planners reserves two capsules and becomes the first franchise travel agency to offer space travel aboard Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune in 2025

To infinity and beyond! Cruise Planners is excited to announce that they are working with Space Perspective to offer their clients a chance to break barriers and go beyond the final frontier: space.

Cruise Planners has reserved two full capsules scheduled to fly in 2025 & 2027 respectively on Spaceship Neptune, developed to be the most accessible, most sustainable, and safest spacecraft on or above Planet Earth. The six-hour journey takes eight Explorers and a pilot to the edge of space in a luxurious pressurized capsule propelled by a SpaceBalloon™.

Spaceship Neptune will differ from other spacecraft by being attached and secured to the SpaceBalloon for the entirety of the flight, making it a safe and seamless journey for the traveler. Other vessels separate mid-flight and transfer to different flight systems.

According to Space Perspective, Spaceship Neptune will be lifted to space by the SpaceBalloon, powered by renewable hydrogen with no rockets and no carbon footprint. Guests won’t have the jarring blastoff that is typical of space travel, but instead will ascend steadily at 12 mph, making the experience accessible for anyone who is able to fly with a commercial airline.

The interior Space Lounge layout has been designed to maximize comfort and enhance the quintessential astronaut experience of seeing the beauty of Planet Earth from space. Explorers can take advantage of the telescope and interactive screens that share key information as the journey unfolds or celebrate with a champagne toast from the bar.

Guests will be able to enjoy the view from the largest windows ever flown to space, giving Explorers 360-degree visibility. A high-speed Wi-Fi connection will be available, allowing guests to share the transformative experience with friends and family.

“Space Perspective is changing the face of space travel,” said Edyta Teper, Head of Global Sales-Trade Partnerships. “We are delighted that Cruise Planners is one of the early pioneers to present this exciting and life changing experience to their clients.”

Cruise Planners hosted the first of many seminars to train advisors on this unique experience so they can help answer any questions their clients may have. While this rare opportunity is not for the general consumer, Cruise Planners is thrilled to be able to provide rare and curated experiences for every type of traveler, with no boundaries and ready to conquer the next frontier.

“Cruise Planners has always been a pioneer and at the forefront of innovation in the travel industry,” said Michelle Fee, CEO and founder of Cruise Planners. “We are excited for our advisors to be able to offer such a unique experience to their clients that pushes all boundaries of travel as we know it.”

(Cruise Planners)