Meet Maxx: Cruise Planners’ New Mascot on a Mission to MAXXimize Travel

Cruise Planners (Logo)Cruise Planners is excited to introduce the newest member of our team Maxx the D.O.G. (Director of Globetrotting)! Our advisors were eager for a mascot that represents their (CRM) tool CPMaxx, which was designed to help our travel advisors MAXXimize their business potential, efficiency and profitability.

In a stroke of inspiration, Maxx was born. A Boston Terrier was chosen for its distinctive charm and endearing qualities, making him the perfect face for Cruise Planners’ cutting-edge technology. Maxx is more than a plushie; he’s a wise and witty traveler, with a British accent he picked up from his adventures and stylish green glasses to show off his Cruisitude. He’s not just knowledgeable about travel, he is a tech and business aficionado, demonstrating the ability to MAXXimize all things travel.

Our furry friend provides more than cuddles and charm, Maxx was created to embody the spirit of Cruise Planners. He is a symbol of Cruisitude, community and brings the exciting future of travel technology to the forefront.

As the resident D.O.G., Maxx both resonates with and excites travel advisors and clients, making travel not only more fun, but more accessible. While CP Maxx is a sophisticated CRM tool, Maxx is a playful reminder of the tools that Cruise Planners provides our agents with to assist in their business operations and success.

“Maxx embodies the heart and soul of what Cruise Planners represents – innovation, adventure, and a personal touch. We created Maxx to not only showcase the capabilities of our CP Maxx CRM tool but to also connect with our advisors and their clients on a more personal level,” said Michelle Fee, founder and CEO of Cruise Planners. “Maxx’s journey is just beginning, and we can’t wait see where he takes us next.”

Maxx’s adventures will begin through social media, looking to build a vibrant community. Maxx will share his travel escapades, keeping advisors and potential clients not only entertained but also inspired to embark on their own travel adventures, thus MAXXimizing their inspiration to explore the world.

Maxx’s social media presence is all about bringing people together and sparking that travel bug in all of us. Follow Maxx on Facebook and Instagram and share your travel tales and entrepreneurial journey too. Maxx has already captured the hearts of Cruise Planners’ advisors, and now he is ready to join homes around the world.

Did we mention that Maxx also has a big heart? For every Maxx plush sold, $5 will go to our non-profit CPCares, supporting charities globally.
To purchase your very own Maxx plush, contact your Cruise Planners travel advisor. Trust us, you’ll fall in love with Maxx just as we have.

(Meet Maxx: Cruise Planners’ New Mascot on a Mission to MAXXimize Travel – Cruise Planners)