Cruise Planners invites advisors to their Coral Springs Home Office for popular Tech Days event

Cruise Planners, the nation’s largest network of home-based franchise travel agents, hosted a 2-day workshop at its Home Office in Coral Springs, Fl. that delved into all the best practices and to familiarize themselves with the new, proprietary applications that the company has rolled out.

Franchise owners who attend have an opportunity to engage, ask questions and in turn learn about how to best leverage technology within the Cruise Planners platform.

“With the incredible demand for travel this year, the technology suite that Cruise Planners created for our agents has been a game-changer in helping to make their business more efficient,” said Michelle Fee, Cruise Planners CEO and Founder. “We pride ourselves in making sure our advisors always have the most innovative technology tools at their fingertips.”

Tech Days offers an interactive, hands-on approach to learning and includes Q&A sessions, giving advisors the opportunity to get one-on-one tech advice and instruction from the Home Office Tech Team.

In addition, workshops also include:

Ask Maxx – A free-form session where advisors got to ask the Tech leadership any questions they had from any of the various tools they have to work with.

Social Media – The exclusive CPsocial Program continues to help franchisees grow their digital marketing with tips and tools on social, search and online reputation.

Triggered Emails – Agents learned more about this time saving, automation tool that sends emails to clients without having to manually doing so.

CP Mobile, Data Protection & Best Practices – CP Mobile focused on all the features of the Cruise Planners Mobile App for consumers. Data protection and best practices was an opportunity for the advisors to learn the best ways to protect themselves and their business online.

Trip Summary – Cruise Planners’ new and improved tool that allows agents to create customized summaries and itineraries for clients.

LivePlanner – Our patent-pending application that allows advisors to plan trips with clients in real-time and gives them options to push itineraries and options that is akin to zoom, but with more features geared toward agents.

Find A Hotel – Advisors learned more about this tool powered by Navitrip that gives them access to hundreds of thousands of hotels and allows them to adjust the commission.

SEO – This workshop focused on SEO basics and how to leverage your website tools in CP Maxx for maximum search engine exposure. content using key words and best practices.

Cruise Planners hosted two prior Tech Days events this year as part of a combination Boot Camp/Tech Days workshops that took place in Las Vegas and Fort Lauderdale, allowing advisors in different parts of the country easier access to the event.

“Tech Days gives our advisors a unique opportunity to dive deeper into the myriad of tools we offer and it’s great to see that even our most seasoned travel advisors are learning new tricks and tools and help them in their business,” said Brian Shultz, Cruise Planners Chief Information Officer. “We work hard to implement these time-saving and industry leading technology tools and seeing our agents leverage them to the max is extremely rewarding.”

The next Tech Days workshop will take place July 13-14 and Sep. 28-29 at Cruise Planners’ Home Office in Coral Springs.