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Costa Cruises Launches “Costa Voyages”: A New Way To Experience Long-term Cruises. Partnerships with world-renowned brands await guests of the new Costa Voyages, starting from September 2023

Costa Cruises (New Logo - October 2021)Costa Cruises presents “Costa Voyages”, a new cruise experience designed to uniquely explore extended itineraries, in which the experience of travelling towards wonderful destinations meets the best of gastronomy and never before seen onboard entertainment. (more…)

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Costa Serena Restarts In Asia. Costa Cruises First Company To Resume Outbound Cruises Dedicated To South Korea And Taiwan. After two cruises out of Thailand, from June to October 2023 Costa Serena will sail on a total of thirty-five cruises from South Korea and Taiwan to Japan

Costa SerenaCosta Cruises announces that Costa Serena returned to service in Asia. After two cruises between Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, Costa Serena departed today from the port of Busan, in South Korea, heading to Nagasaki and Yatsushiro, in Japan. (more…)

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