Costa Serena Crew rescues castaways in difficulty off the India coast: 5 people saved

Costa SerenaThe Costa Serena crew has saved a group of shipwrecked fishermen in difficulty who were sighted while the ship was sailing the Arabic Sea west of the Indian coasts.

On 25th December during her planned navigation passage from Mumbai to Kochi, part of her actual cruises program, at around 12:30pm Costa Serena bridge received a phone call from 2 guests on board, who reported having noticed from their cabin’s balcony a group of people with life jacket, stranded at sea about 1 mile away from the ship.

Under the guidance of Captain Andrea Bardi, Costa Serena immediately slowed down her speed and deviated her route to reach the group of people spotted at sea and to start their search and rescue operation.

On parallel the bridge notified the Indian Coast Guard, who after few hours reached the area and took over the SAR operation by following the precise coordinates as provided by Costa Serena Captain.

Despite the difficult conditions, the immediate and effective intervention of the crew of Costa Serena has allowed to save 5 people who were safely recovered by the Indian Coast Guard. Those persons are now under first aid treatment at Mumbai Hospital.

On December 26 while Costa Serena was docked at the port of Kochi, the Captain of the Indian Coast Guard delivered an appreciation plaque to Costa Serena Captain and his crew, thanking all of them for the efforts made during such a peculiar and difficult search and rescue operation allowing to save 5 shipwrecked people who are now all in good health.

Costa Serena is actually sailing a program of cruises for Indian guests along the India west coast.

(Costa Serena Crew rescues castaways in difficulty off the India coast: 5 people saved – Costa Cruises)