Costa Cruises Presents ‘Sea Destinations’, New Destinations From The Sky To The Sea

Costa Cruises (New Logo - October 2021)Starting in spring 2024, Costa’s Mediterranean and Northern European cruises will be enriched with brand new destinations, to be experienced from the unique perspective of the sea.

Costa presents a great new feature that will make its cruises even more unique and unforgettable in 2024: the ‘Sea Destinations’.

Starting from next spring, the Italian company’s itineraries in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe will be further enriched with brand new destinations, to be discovered on board the ship, during navigation. A voyage within a voyage, where the sea is not only the means to reach the cruise calls; but it is a privileged point of view to experience evocative moments, that tell of iconic places included in the ship’s route.

In this way, alongside destinations ‘ashore’, such as Barcelona, Naples, Genoa, Istanbul, Mykonos, explored off the classic ways, Costa itineraries will take guests to new destinations between sky and sea.

For example, in the Western Mediterranean, after visiting Ibiza, once back on board the ship, guests can let themselves be carried away by the atmosphere of the sunset with a hippy chic party in the bay of Formentera; or, before disembarking from the ship to visit Naples, guests can enjoy a typical Caprese breakfast in front of the spectacular panorama of the Faraglioni rocks of Capri island, illuminated by the first light of day.

Passing, instead, over the deepest point of the Eastern Mediterranean, a feast of the abysses of the sea will come to life; while, crossing the gateway to the East, the strait of the Dardanelles, guests on board will be able to experience a journey back in time and admire, enraptured, the mystical dance of the rotating veils of the Dervishes. And again, the ashore visit through the “calli” of Venice will be followed by a “Dolce Vita” aperitif, on the ship, right in front of the Lido, to be captivated by the sunset over the lagoon, amidst posters of Italian films and a Film Festival soundtrack.

Sea Destinations will also be available on Northern European cruises among Norway’s most beautiful fjords. For example, after being greeted by local farmers in the town of Geiranger, guests will cruise through the entire fjord listening to Nordic stories and legends, while from the bow of the ship they will experience the spectacle of the Seven Sisters waterfall, amidst craggy rocks and verdant mountains.

(Costa Cruises Presents ‘Sea Destinations’, New Destinations From The Sky To The Sea – Costa Cruises)