Costa Cruises launches Morocco and Tunisia a Journey of the Senses cruise

Costa Cruises (New Logo - October 2021)Costa Cruises launches “Morocco and Tunisia: a journey of the senses”, the second cruise in 2023 featuring exclusive experiences dedicated to members of C|Club, Costa Cruises loyalty program.

After the success of the first C|Club 2023 cruise, a second cruise-event with exclusive experiences dedicated to members of Costa’s loyalty program is coming, exploring the Western Mediterranean, all the way beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Many surprises await guests on board and ashore, starting with two special guests: Tony Hadley and Hélène Darroze.

An unmissable cruise starting from the two-week itinerary, a real journey through colors, flavors and scents of unforgettable destinations, such as Morocco, Tunisia, Italy, France, and Spain. Departure from Italy will be Sept. 23, 2023, from Savona, on board of Costa Favolosa, then leaving for Civitavecchia/Rome, Palermo, Tunis (Tunisia), Cartagena (Spain), Tangier (Morocco), Casablanca (Morocco) with a one-and-a-half day call to allow guests to live fantastic excursions to Marrakech, Cadiz (Spain), Malaga (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Marseilles (France), and return to Savona on Oct. 7.

A rich program reserved for C|Club members has been designed for this second cruise-event, including excellent gastronomic experiences, themed parties, unique shows and excursions organized especially for the cruise.

Tony Hadley will be the super special guest of this event. The former Spandau Ballet leader will perform aboard for C|Club members, offering a dive into the 1980s with the most famous hits of his career, as well as his new singles. There will also be dedicated moments for photos and autographs with fans.

But that’s not all! The 6-star Michelin chef Hélène Darroze, who together with Bruno Barbieri and Ángel León signs Costa Cruises’ gastronomic excellence, will be on board to propose some never-before-tried Destination Dishes, which will convey through taste the destinations visited. In addition, she will be the protagonist of a spectacular cooking experience together with C|Club members, who under her guidance will be able to try to create typical Moroccan and Tunisian dishes through easy recipes using local ingredients.

Staying on the topic of taste, during the cruise C|Club members will find another excellent signature: Riccardo Bellaera, Costa’s Corporate Pastry & Bakery Chef, close associate of the Maestro dei Maestri of international pastry, Iginio Massari. Riccardo Bellaera will delight C|Club members with his creations, devised especially to celebrate the itinerary destinations, involving them in entertaining cooking and pastry shows.

For an immersion in local culture, not to be missed are the Destination Moments, a series of events and lectures on the history and use of the spices that make Morocco and Tunisia so special.

In addition to the Welcome party, fun play and art activities, with lessons in traditional local painting and decorating, Costa Favolosa’s crew will entertain guests with a Birthday Party dedicated to Costa’s 75th birthday. The program of entertainment includes also themed parties: the “Desert Night,” a sensory journey through the scents, flavors and traditions of Morocco and Tunisia, with amazing experiences such as the tea ceremony and ritual drawings with henna, and the “Mediterranean in festa,” to celebrate the traditions and street food of the Mediterranean.

Special guests on board will include South African singer Talia Alexis, who will perform an international music show and a tribute to Tina Turner, while also engaging C|Club members in a fun singing challenge.

Finally, new excursions have also been created especially for this cruise, with local gastronomic experiences, moments of pure relax, and unexpected sights and attractions. For example, it will be possible to relax with steam baths in the “Arabian” part of Cadiz; enjoy the view of Casablanca from the world’s highest minaret; experience an authentic culinary experience in Tunis; and admire the colors of Rabat and Fez.

For C|Club members who book by July 31, there is also an active promotion, which can be combined with C|Club discounts of up to 20% and 1000 extra points to grow faster in the Club.

(Costa Cruises launches Morocco and Tunisia a Journey of the Senses cruise – Costa Cruises)