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Aranui Reveals First Non-Freighter Leisure Cruise Ship, AraMana, in South Pacific

AraMana (Rendering, January 2020)Aranui Cruises has revealed details of a new 280-passenger cruise ship, its first dedicated leisure cruising vessel, that will join Aranui 5 in the South Pacific from mid-2022. The Tahitian cruise line will name the new vessel AraMana rather than Aranui 6 because it will not be a dual freight and passenger vessel like its predecessors, Aranui Cruises regional representative Laurent Wong explained. (cruisecritic.com)

Aranui 5 Announces 2021 Schedule With Three New Discovery Voyages

The Aranui 5The 254-passenger Aranui 5 deluxe cruise has released its 2021 sailing schedule, offering 21 departures throughout the year. In addition to its traditional Marquesas Islands route, Aranui has added three new discovery voyages, including expeditions to the Gambier-Pitcairn Islands, Austral-Cook Islands and Society-Tuamotu Islands. (more…)

Aranui has released its 2019 sailing schedule, offering 20 departures and also launching two special voyages to the remote Pitcairn Island

The Aranui 5The 254-passenger dual-purpose Aranui 5 has released its 2019 sailing schedule, offering 20 departures destined to top even the most discerning travelers’ bucket lists. Following its off-the-beaten-path concept, Aranui is also launching two special voyages to the remote Pitcairn Island to kick off the year. (more…)

Aranui 5 – The Freighter to Paradise – offers discounts on selected 2017 departures to Exotic French Polynesia

The Aranui 5The Aranui 5, dubbed ‘the freighter to paradise’ and the only vessel to travel the 2,200-mile trip from Papeete in Tahiti to all six inhabited Marquesas Islands in the remotest inhabited archipelago in the world, is offering discounts on two of its 2017 departures.  (more…)

Enjoy Unparalleled Adventure To The Marquesas Islands Aboard Aranui 5 With 10% Discounts

The Aranui 5Travelers looking for a unique vacation experience can take advantage of the 10% savings on the June 8 – 21, 2017 sailing aboard the Aranui 5, the one-of-a-kind cruise to the exotic Marquesas Islands. In addition, seniors can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on the Sep 30 – Oct 13, 2017 voyage. (more…)

Aranui 5 Arrives in New Home Port of Papeete, Tahiti First Voyage Dec. 12, 2015 Through Marquesas Islands

The Aranui 5The brand new 254-passenger Aranui 5 passenger-freighter ship, has arrived to its home port of Papeete, Tahiti and is scheduled for its inaugural sailing on Dec. 12, 2015. The new ship is a custom-built, dual-purpose vessel that sails from Tahiti to the Marquesas, Tuamotu and Society Islands in French Polynesia on a 14-day all-inclusive itinerary. (more…)