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Pullmantur Could Mount Comeback With Two Celebrity Ships

Pullmantur Cruceros (Logo) As part of a restructuring plan submitted to Spanish authorities, Pullmantur could be back and sailing as soon as late 2021 with two former Celebrity Millennium class ships. The Spanish cruise brand, part of a joint venture between Royal Caribbean Group and Springwater Capital, filed for insolvency earlier this year. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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CVC Doesn’t Plan to Operate Brazilian Cruise Season in 2020-2021

The Sovereign - Pulmmantur Cruceros (Courtesy Pullmantur)CVC, a leading tour operator in Brazil, is not planning on operating a cruise season in 2020-2021, according to a spokesperson. CVC has traditionally chartered ships from other operators for a season of Brazil cruising, and for the last few seasons, had chartered the Sovereign from Pullmantur. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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Pullmantur Offers Wellness Cruise Aboard the Sovereign

The Sovereign - Pulmmantur Cruceros (Courtesy Pullmantur)Pullmantur Cruises has announced a wellness cruise with exclusive programming including different varieties of yoga with known expert trainers and workshops on healthy eating. The seven-day cruise aboard the Sovereign sails roundtrip from Barcelona on May 9, calling at Valletta, Messina, Salerno and Civitavecchia. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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Pullmantur Offers Job Rotation Program for Shoreside Employees

Pullmantur Cruceros (Logo)Pullmantur Cruises has announced the launch of a new edition of its Job Rotation program whereby employees work in another department for one month. Overseen by the company’s human resources department, the program was launched to foster training and development of employees, according Pullmantur Cruises President and CEO Richard Vogel. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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Grandeur of the Seas to Transfer to Pullmantur

Grandeur of the SeasThe Grandeur of the Seas will move from Royal Caribbean International to the Pullmantur brand in early 2021. The 1996-built ship will increase Pullmantur’s capacity by 1,950 berths, representing a 32.5 percent increase for the Spanish brand, according to “Cruise Industry News” data. Royal Caribbean is a stakeholder in Pullmantur. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

Zenith Will Sail for Peace Boat

Pullmantur's Zenith  (Courtesy Portland Harbour Authority, UK)The Pullmantur Zenith is heading to Peace Boat and will operate for the non-government organization starting in 2020, Cruise Industry News can confirm. Pullmantur had said the 1992-built ship would leave its fleet in early 2020, with the ship expected to start in service for Japan-based Peace Boat soon after. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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Pullmantur Launches New Onboard Sports Program

Pullmantur Cruceros (Logo) Pullmantur Cruises has announced a new all-inclusive ports program, which, it said, offers a wider range of activities at different levels, from toning classes and water aerobics to cardio workouts and exercises for both the body and the mind. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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Pullmantur Cruises Awards New Uniforms To Young Spanish Designer

Pullmantur Cruises has awarded Natalia Pestaña, a young designer from Madrid, to design new uniforms for the crew. Pestaña was selected among 12 designers who participated in a competition organized by the cruise line, Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Madrid and Ad Talent, a platform dedicated to discovering, supporting and promoting new creative talent. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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Pullmantur Launches Gastrolab with Michelin Starred Chef Jordi Cruz

Pullmantur Cruceros (Logo) Pullmantur Cruceros has launched what it calls Gastrolab, described as an innovative gastronomic platform, led by the three Michelin-starred chef Jordi Cruz. Cruz will work hand-in-hand with the cruise line’s chefs, as well as with a series of guest chefs, to create cuisine “turning good into extraordinary,” according to Pullmantur CEO Richard J. Vogel. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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Pullmantur Cruceros Launches Dubai and Legends of Arabia Program

Pullmantur Cruceros has launched its winter program from Dubai, sailing its first cruise aboard the Horizon this week. To mark the occasion, 50 local officials and dignitaries participated in a plaque exchange event with executives from Pullmantur and ship’s officers, including Captain Charilaos Petrides. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

Pullmanur Cruceros Introduces Visa Card

Pullmantur Cruceros (Logo)Pullmantur Cruceros and Bankinter Consumer Finance have announced the introduction of a Pullmantur Visa card. According to the cruise line, the card will make it easier for guests of Pullmantur Cruceros to book and finance their holidays over a period of up to 18 months. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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Winter escapes with Pullmantur Cruises

Pullmantur Cruceros (Logo)With summer drawing to a close, many will head into hibernation for the winter months in an attempt to avoid the cold and rainy conditions that lie ahead. But, while cruise ships may temporarily be withdrawing their vessels from the Mediterranean, this does not necessarily mean that there are no opportunities for a holiday escape. (more…)

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Pullmantur Documentary Wins Echo Award

La historia real de un tío cojonudo – Día Del Crucerista

“La historia real de un tiocojonudo”, a documentary based on the real-life experience of 93-year-old Barcelonan Antonio Benedico, was awarded the bronze prize in the content category at the International Echo Awards recently held in Las Vegas. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

Pullmantur Offering Electric Bike Tours

Pullmantur Cruceros is offering electric bike tours on its itineraries around the Adriatic and Aegean, on its Rondo Veneciano and Greek Islands cruises, respectively. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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Pullmantur Releases 2019 Brochure

Pullmantur Cruceros (Logo)Pullmantur Cruceros has released its 2019 brochure highlighting the brand’s Spanish onboard experience. New offerings include is an itinerary around the British Isles aboard the Zenith. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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Pullmantur’s Monarch Completes $10 Million Revitalization

The Monarch - Pulmmantur Cruceros (Courtesy Pullmantur)Pullmantur has invested more than $10 million in drydocking and revitalizing the 1991-built, 2,390-passenger Monarch. Out service for 21 days in May at the Freeport Shipyard in the Bahamas, the work covered staterooms and public areas, including carpets, upholstery and furnishing, as well as bars and restaurants, in addition to the pool, jacuzzi and shopping areas. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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Pullmantur: Red Sea in Sight

Pullmantur is set to debut a new program later this year as the 1990-built Horizon will offer the Red Sea as part of a “Dubai and Legends of Arabia” itinerary launching in December. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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Pullmantur Reports Larger Share of Spanish Market

The Sovereign - Pulmmantur Cruceros (Courtesy Pullmantur)Pullmantur Cruises has announced that about a third of all Spaniards who cruised in 2017 sailed on one of its ships. The company said it increased its passenger volume by 34 percent and its market share by 6 percent last year. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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