Hurtigruten Extends its Unique Northern Lights Promise for 2024/25 Season and Beyond

A Hurtigruten ship beneath the Northern Lights in Norway. Photo: Hege Abrahamsen (Image at - March 2024)Hurtigruten has extended its unique Northern Lights Promise to September, allowing travelers to experience one of the world’s most natural wonders for an even longer period.

Hurtigruten has long been synonymous with the best of Norway’s natural wonders, and in a commitment to ensuring guests have the best possible chance of experiencing the Aurora, the company has extended its Northern Lights Promise to start in mid-September rather than October.

The policy extension will allow thousands of guests to feel more confident experiencing the phenomenon that is on many travelers’ bucket lists, reaffirming Norway as the ultimate destination to witness this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon.

Having sailed the Norwegian coastline for more than 130 years, no company does Norway better than Hurtigruten, which is why the company has extended its acclaimed Northern Lights Promise, which it was the first-ever cruise line to offer. The policy provides guests with a second chance guarantee to see the lights if they do not occur within sight of the ship during a voyage of 11 days or more.

“At Hurtigruten, we firmly believe that Norway is the best place to experience the Northern Lights and that our coastal cruises offer the best way to explore Norway. We are thrilled to extend our Northern Lights Promise sailing period, allowing more guests to immerse themselves in the magic of the Aurora Borealis,” said Hedda Felin, CEO at Hurtigruten. “This commitment reflects our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional experiences and ensuring that every journey with Hurtigruten is truly extraordinary.”

In addition to extending the sailing period, Hurtigruten will continue to offer select astronomer-hosted sailings during the 2024/25 and 2025/26 seasons, following their successful introduction last year. The Astronomy Voyages offers guests exclusive opportunities to sail with renowned astronomers and enjoy multiple lectures and Northern Lights viewings onboard, making it an even more unforgettable voyage.

(Hurtigruten Extends its Unique Northern Lights Promise for 2024/25 Season and Beyond – Hurtigruten)