New associate member: Tor Shipping – Cruise Europe

Tor Shipping (TS) in the Faroe Islands embodies a legacy built on family values and dedication to the maritime sector.

Since its establishment in 1990, the company has been providing essential services to the maritime sector, both locally and internationally.

As port agents, TS serves as the link between the vessel/company and all onshore entities, including ports, customs, transfers, and provisions. The team handles every aspect of arranging requirements prior to or during a vessel’s call in the Faroe Islands to ensure a seamless experience for its clients.

“Today, Tor Shipping proudly stands as the premier provider of cruiseship services in the Faroe Islands, boasting a schedule of nearly 60 calls for the upcoming year. We’re honoured to serve most of all the biggest cruiselines and brands and a lot of the smaller companies too,” says Joan Torleivsdottir, owner/port agent TS.

“With our 24-hour port agency services, our experienced staff members are always at your disposal, ready to meet any need, anytime,” she adds. 

The company also provides ship management services and those for the Faroese International Register of Shipping, both at home and internationally.

“With a steadfast presence in all cruise ports within the Faroe Islands, we are devoted to meeting every requirement of our partners and cultivating enduring relationships within the industry. Backed by our team’s profound knowledge and dedication, Tor Shipping is your trusted partner for cruise ventures in the picturesque Faroe Islands,” concludes Torleivsdottir.

(New associate member: Tor Shipping – Cruise Europe, Tor Shipping)