Abercrombie & Kent Offers Up to 75 Percent Savings for Solo Travellers on More Than 50 Journeys

Abercrombie & Kent (Logo)Travellers often face the prospect of going it alone, whether pursuing a personal passion such as wildlife photography, exploring a remote destination or due to scheduling conflicts with friends and family.

Today, many are embracing this opportunity for solo travel. A recent study conducted by Abercrombie & Kent found that 13 percent of guests travelling to Antarctica were cruising solo.

“This is a trend we are seeing not just in Antarctica, but in iconic destinations around the world,” explains Stefanie Schmudde, Senior Vice President, Global Product Strategy, Abercrombie & Kent. “Our solo guests have found that expedition cruising and small group travel offer the most ideal experience. Throughout the day, they can explore and socialize with other like-minded travellers, while still having time to themselves when they want it. It really is the best of both worlds.”

With solo travel trending, Abercrombie & Kent is making it easier than ever for individual travellers by offering 50% off the single supplement on select departures of 2024 Small Group Journeys and up to 75% off on Luxury Expedition Cruises. A complete list of special solo offers on more than 50 journeys can be found on A&K’s Luxury Solo Travel page, including:

Cruising the Mekong: Siam, Saigon & Angkor Wat
Cruise for seven nights on an exclusive charter along the Mekong River to experience its varied cultures in rural settings not easily reached by land, on a journey that includes vibrant Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City, the former Saigon. 12 days from $8,795 + $498 single supplement (was $995)

North Pole Expedition Cruise: The Ultimate Frontier (July 10-27, 2024)
Embark on the ultimate expedition to an Arctic frontier like no other. On this, A&K’s inaugural expedition to the North Pole, guests will explore in comfort aboard the innovative new icebreaker, ‘Le Commandant Charcot,’ as A&K’s award-winning team leads the way. Cruise ever northward into a seldom-seen realm of sea ice, the captain charting a course to the geographic North Pole as guests enjoy a wealth of enriching programs and luxurious amenities on board. 18 days from $47,995 + $9,749 single supplement (was $38,995)

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands Expedition (Jan 4-21, 2024)
Join this photographic Luxury Expedition Cruise and explore the colorful Falkland Islands, unspoiled South Georgia with its rookeries of king penguins, and epic Antarctica — an ideal itinerary for photographers and explorers alike. Go ashore with A&K’s Expedition Team to visit areas rich in the history of polar exploration and experience the wildlife of the Southern Ocean region in all its glory. 18 days from $20,995 + $9,373 single supplement (was $18,745)

(Abercrombie & Kent Offers Up to 75 Percent Savings for Solo Travellers on More Than 50 Journeys – A&K)