Ponant to offer An Enchanting Christmas at the Gateway to the Arctic Circle for Winter 2024-2025

Le Commandant Charcot  at North Pole (Credit: Ponant)Between Lapland, the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea, PONANT has conceived seven truly unforgettable voyages to celebrate the end-of-year festivities differently.

Three brand new itineraries will explore the polar night and the Northern Lights and four departures to experience the magic of Christmas in the very heart of Scandinavian traditions.

Splendours of Polar Nights and the Northern Lights

“It’s raining stars in our bed” is the title of a Scandinavian poetry collection that will become a reality on these voyages. Aboard Le Commandant Charcot nights will be even more beautiful than the days, as waiting impatiently for the start of the long polar night and special light which reigns for a few hours between sunrise and sunset. The perfect time to take advantage of it; to go on a sleigh ride (pulled by reindeer or dogs) or indulge in a little ice fishing or work out on a kayak outing. Time spent above the Arctic Circle also includes exploring the Lofoten Islands on horseback and meeting local communities like the Sami, Norwegian reindeer herders. Destinations far from the peak tourist season, for a total disconnection from the world and the chance, perhaps, to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Scandinavian-Style End-of-Year Festivities Magic with the Family

From the enchantment of Scandinavian Christmas markets, where local craft stalls, the aroma of spiced mulled wine and
cinnamon biscuits beckon, to outings with naturalist guides exploring the snowy landscapes of the Gulf of Bothnia, Swedish
and Finnish Lapland… These four voyages are designed to rediscover timeless childlike delights at the gateway to the Arctic,
between warm Scandinavian culture, sleigh rides and the discovery of wilderness.

A Unique Christmas with Music by Renaud Capuçon

In partnership with Radio Classique, famous violinist
Renaud Capuçon accompanied by a group of virtuoso
artists will bring guests musical Christmas cheer with their
fabulous concerts against an array of stunning natural
settings. “We want to share the music we love to make this
voyage a voyage of the senses,”
says Renaud Capuçon.
Departure is planned from Helsinki in Finland through the
invigorating nature of Lapland, the Stockholm archipelago
and Father Christmas’s hometown, Rovaniemi…

Happy Little Adventurers thanks to the Kid Explorers Club

Curious children from the age of 6 are not forgotten on this
voyage of a lifetime which takes place during school
holidays. In partnership with the Maud Fontenoy
they are supported by a team of highly
motivated activity leaders who raise their awareness of the
ocean environment and organise a range of fun creative,
sports and educational activities.

(Ponant to offer An Enchanting Christmas at the Gateway to the Arctic Circle for Winter 2024-2025 – Ponant)