Ensemble Celebrates Top Performers Aboard Explora Journeys Maiden Voyage

Explora I (Courtesy Explora Journeys / MSC Cruises)Ensemble celebrated its top performers with an all-inclusive weeklong sailing from Denmark to Iceland aboard Explora 1, the first ship to sail as part of the launch of Explora Journeys.

As the first in the industry to experience the highly anticipated new luxury cruise brand, the inaugural Ensemble Beyond event included 30 of Ensemble’s exceptional members comprised of owners and managers along with a group of nine top advisors – the first time the consortium expanded the group to recognize individual members.

A group of 25 Ensemble partners also joined the trip to commemorate the accomplishments of this stellar group.

In partnership with Explora, the journey began in Copenhagen with port stops in the United Kingdom and Iceland. As part of the experience, guests had a chance to explore the Orkney Islands off the coast of Scotland, a World Heritage Site, and Reykjavik, Iceland where they hiked the lava fields, explored the Blue Lagoon, and enjoyed an excursion to see whales and puffins.

“This voyage was a wonderful occasion to celebrate Ensemble’s outstanding top performers, who truly exemplify the pinnacle of excellence in this industry as well as our organization,” said Michael Johnson, President of Ensemble. “It also provided our members with an unforgettable opportunity to be among the first to experience Explora’s innovative new offering, characterized by exceptional service and amenities, all while gaining newfound appreciation for the unique beauty and picturesque settings in this part of the world.”

Redefining ocean travel for a new generation of discerning travelers, Explora Journeys was announced as a preferred partner in January 2022 and was named as its partner for the inaugural Ensemble Beyond event in January 2023.

While aboard, Ensemble members were feted with several dinners hosted by preferred partners as well as the option to partake in destination and offshore excursions. There were also opportunities to hear from Explora Luminaries including a wildlife ambassador, climate scientist, art historian, anthropologist/geologist, and creative digital and AI artist.

“Explora Journeys delivered an outstanding first impression,” said Ross Spalding, President of Crown Cruise Vacations. “A beautiful ship, amazing culinary experiences, but most importantly ‘hosts’ that were just thrilled to provide exceptional service to all their guests. I could not believe what a masterful job the entire team did putting on this maiden voyage. This type of journey is just what so many travelers are looking for and we look forward to continuing and growing the partnership with them.”

“It was a great honour to experience the maiden voyage on Explora l this past week as part of Ensemble’s Beyond trip for top producers,” added Doug Rollheiser, owner of Roblin Travel and Cruise. “Explora l is a stunning ship from the unique design, modern hotel vibe to relaxed luxury atmosphere. What stood out the most for me was the hosts onboard and how remarkable the service was for their first ever sailing and the dining was some of the best cuisine I’ve ever experienced on a cruise. I am truly grateful to both Ensemble and Explora for such a memorable experience.”

Beyond is part of Ensemble’s series of rebranded events. This included the recent Ensemble Summit for owners and managers held at the Stein Erickson Lodge with Ensemble Horizons for the entire consortium coming up next from November 2-6 at Paris Las Vegas.

(Ensemble Celebrates Top Performers Aboard Explora Journeys Maiden Voyage – Explora Journeys, Ensemble)