Trimline celebrates fifth ship rebranding for Marella Cruises

Trimline celebrates fifth ship rebranding for Marella Cruises  (Image at - August 2023)Trimline celebrates the successful completion of their fifth rebranding project for Marella Cruises with the transformation of Marella Voyager.

The project, carried out over 33 days in dry dock in Cadiz, demonstrates Trimline’s deep familiarity with Marella’s brand and their ability to meet precise operational requirements.

Led by Director of Projects Naomi Cooper, Trimline’s on-site management team and a skilled workforce of 180 tradespeople worked diligently to revitalize the ship. The team included electricians, decorators, floor layers, joiners, labourers, hard surface repair, French polishers, plumbers, welders, HVAC, upholsterers and other specialist trades ensuring excellence in every aspect of the transformation.

One of the new areas that Trimline has created is ‘The Exchange’, an exciting addition to the Marella fleet, which encompasses a captivating art deco bar experience inspired by a classic speak-easy ambiance. The transformation included the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting by GDS.

Another standout area of the project was the champagne bar ‘Flutes’. Trimline proposed an innovative solution that seamlessly integrated Flutes into a new space. Advanced technical investigations and a keen eye for eye-catching design allowed the Trimline team to completely reimagine the area, delivering a truly awe-inspiring result.

Trimline’s team also showcased their skills across many other areas on the ship, including Squid & Anchor to Latitude & Vista restaurants, as well as the newly designed Santorini and St Lucia-themed suites, Destination Experiences, Dining Club, and M Club ensuring a cohesive and stunning interior. Furthermore, Trimline’s expertise extended to the crew areas, over 900 passenger cabins, public area carpeting, Broadway, and even the installation of a state-of-the-art LED dance floor in the nightclub.

Overcoming logistical challenges, Trimline’s on-site logistics management team ensured a smooth and efficient operation from start to finish, demonstrating their exceptional project management capabilities.

The successful collaboration between Trimline and Marella on the Marella Voyager refurbishment reaffirms Trimline’s position as a leading marine interior outfitter. Through their commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and understanding of clients’ unique requirements, Trimline continues to set new standards in the industry.


(Trimline celebrates fifth ship rebranding for Marella Cruises – Trimline)