Explora Journeys Unveils New Autumn/winter 2024–2025 Itineraries For Explora I. Destinations throughout North and South America, the Caribbean, as well as on a unique transatlantic crossing

Explora I (Rendering courtesy Explora Journeys / MSC Cruises)Explora Journeys yesterday announced a new line-up of journeys for the autumn and winter 2024 – 2025 season of EXPLORA I, the first of a planned fleet of six luxury ships, which are now open for booking.

Featuring 23 journeys and 2 grand journeys between September 2024 and April 2025, the itineraries will encompass 73 unique destinations across 24 countries. Eight of them will be a first for Explora Journeys, including Macapá, Alter-do-Chaõ and Manaus in the Amazon, and the Devil’s Island in French Guiana. Each journey has its own character that reflects the distinctive spirit of the destinations, starting at the far north of America’s East Coast, then sailing to the Caribbean and South America, before crossing the Atlantic to Europe.

Bridging continents and connecting cultures, this unique collection of journeys promises guests a new dimension of authentic, transformative travel experiences. Each of them has been designed around today’s discerning traveller, with the emphasis on a slower pace and the opportunity to linger longer at each destination, including overnight stays. Meanwhile, the highest standards in sustainable, responsible practices are rigorously maintained to ensure minimal impact on nature and local communities.

Highlights include an 8-night Journey to Trailing Whales and Falling Leaves, sailing from New York City on 8 October 2024 for Boston, Portland and Halifax, the mystical Whale Corridors and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, finishing in Quebec City.

The journey offers guests the opportunity to experience forest-lined clifftops ablaze with fiery autumn colours, secluded sandy bays, candy-striped lighthouses, world-famous lobster shacks, and the laidback spirit of authentic harbour towns. The journey continues into the waters of New England, where the cold Labrador Current meets the warm Gulf Stream, and blue, beluga and minke whales frolic in the mineral-rich sea.

In a first for Explora Journeys, EXPLORA I will offer journeys up the Amazon River and into the Brazilian rainforest, complete with torchlit kayak tours and forest trails to hidden tribal villages. In Manaus, guests will witness the confluence of the rivers, where the inky Rio Negro joins the powerful Rio Solimoes; and in Santarem, where the Amazon meets the crystal-clear waters of the Tapajos.

A Journey into Wild and Wonderful Amazonia will depart Bridgetown, Barbados, on 22 November 2024, sailing to French Guiana’s Devil’s Island before heading to Macapá, Alter-do-Chaõ and Manaus in Brazil. A Journey to the Meeting Waters on the Almighty Amazon will set off on 29 November 2024, travelling up the Amazon to Macapá and Bequia before returning to Bridgetown.

A Journey of Tantalising Transatlantic Adventures sails on 3 April 2025 from Bridgetown on a 14-night transatlantic crossing. Guests enjoy leisurely days at sea before exploring Cape Verde, the 10-island Creole-Portuguese archipelago, with its volcanic landscapes and beautiful beaches. The ship will stop to take in the natural attractions of the Canary Islands, followed by Madeira, known as ‘the flower island’, before arriving in Lisbon on 18 April 2025.

EXLORA I’s grand journeys, A Grand Journey to Amazonia & Tropical Isles (28 nights) and A Grand Transatlantic Odyssey in the Atlantic (32 nights), give guests the opportunity to explore the spirit of the unforgettable destinations along the routes, as they travel the Caribbean, the Amazon and the vastness of the ocean beyond.

Sacha Rougier, the Head of Itinerary Planning and Destination Experiences at Explora Journeys comments, “Guests will have the chance to delve into an exhilarating celebration of diversity: From private tours of MoMA in New York City to thrilling boat expeditions up the Amazon; discovering new shades of blue on a hidden Caribbean island or being fully immersed in the biggest show on earth with our exclusive Explora Journeys carnival experience in Rio, where they’ll be granted insider access to join the vibrant performers.”

(Explora Journeys)