AIDA Cruise & Help accompanies the world cruise 2022/2023. Large donation commitment on AIDAmar enables further schools

AIDA Cruises (Logo)The AIDA world cruise 2022/2023 took its guests to the most beautiful places on earth.

Along with a stay of several days in Rio de Janeiro, Christmas on the Fiji Islands, the turn of the year in Sydney and the diverse destinations within French Polynesia, another very special highlight was on the agenda shortly before the end of the cruise with AIDAmar – touching entertainment and numerous actions in the spirit of the charitable initiative AIDA Cruise & Help.

During emotional performances in the Theatrium as well as personal meetings and conversations, Reiner Meutsch, founder of the FLY & HELP foundation and long-time partner of AIDA Cruises, captivated guests and crew of AIDAmar.

As a peak of his time on board, Meutsch took the audience on his ten-month journey around the globe within the show “Adventure Around the World.” His stories were accompanied by photos, videos and live music by the Venezuelan singer Yma América, who is known from the musical “The Lion King.”

Captain Felix Rothe and the entire crew of AIDAmar supported these events with full dedication. “Reiner Meutsch’s stories touched the whole ship. Of course, as part of this unique journey, we wanted to do our part to help children in the poorer regions of this world have a better future. We are proud and grateful to have collected enough donations together with our guests to be able to finance the next AIDA Cruise & Help schools,” Rothe, himself a convinced supporter of the initiative, summarizes.

Meutsch’s FLY & HELP foundation has currently built more than 700 schools worldwide, of which 37 projects were enabled by AIDA Cruise & Help. “I cordially thank AIDA Cruises for being a loyal and committed partner at my foundation’s side for many years thus having already given thousands of children a place at school. It is great to experience the AIDA employees’ heartfelt support for our cooperation. I am looking forward to the new school projects that will result from this world trip”, Meutsch says.

Already since May 2019, AIDA Cruise & Help has been combining all charitable projects of AIDA Cruises. With the focus on better educational opportunities in emerging and developing countries, numerous children in Haiti, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Namibia, Nepal, the Philippines and Sri Lanka have been given safe access to education so far.

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