Holland America Line’s New ‘A City on the Sea’ Entertainment Show Takes Guests on an Immersive Journey Behind the Scenes

Holland America Line (logo)Cruise ships are often called floating cities. Every function of a shoreside town needs to be provided while traveling the world, and countless team members work together to seamlessly run each ship.

For the first time ever, Holland America Line is bringing that story to life in a new, engaging show called “A City on the Sea.”

A storytelling event featured in the ships’ World Stage, “A City on the Sea” lifts the curtain on cruise ship operations through immersive video footage and interviews. Presented with live narration by the ship’s cruise and travel director — who is joined by additional shipboard officers like the captain and crew — guests are taken on an illuminating and delightful journey behind closed doors while also meeting the people who call Holland America Line ships their home away from home.

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(Holland America Line)