Coral Adventurer Sets Sail On Inaugural Circumnavigation Of Australia Expedition. Pioneering voyage around Australia departs Cairns with 105 guests on 59-night exploration of discovery

Coral Adventurer Sets Sail On Inaugural Circumnavigation Of Australia Expedition. Pioneering voyage around Australia departs Cairns with 105 guests on 59-night exploration of discovery (Image at - October 2022)Australia’s pioneering cruise line Coral Expeditions has set sail on the much-anticipated Circumnavigation of Australia departing Cairns on 17th October 2022 onboard flagship vessel Coral Adventurer.

The sold-out voyage is a once in a lifetime exploration of the vast and diverse coastal landscape of Australia with guests and crew set to share experiences ranging from encounters with endemic marine and terrestrial nature and fauna, cultural connections with remote communities, discovering dramatic coastal and tidal landscapes and learning of the rich heritage of destinations along the way.

“Our guests and crew are very excited and grateful to be onboard” said Jeff Gillies, Commercial Director. “This voyage has been three years in the making after plans in 2020 and 2021 were affected by border and travel restrictions and we are grateful to set sail and see our resilience rewarded on what promises to be an adventure for the ages”.

The voyage will be led by several key crew including Master Matt Fryer, Expedition Leader Cara Cavanagh and Purser Zac Romaine who will all be onboard through the full voyage. Along the way, special guests will join sectors to add expert guidance and insights in the key regions.

“This will be the largest navigational undertaking in the company history with over 7000 nautical miles on the passage,” said Matt Fryer. “We are not aware of any modern line who has developed such an extensive coastal voyage and we are proud to be a pioneer exploring all of Australia with our local crew. It will be epic”.

Of the style of excursions during the voyage, Cara Cavanagh states “every day will hold new adventure for the guests with a great mix of experiences on offer including in water snorkel and dive, short coastal treks, guided talks at historic places and intimate meetings with local communities”

“Our culinary team has developed menus and wine lists inspired by the regional produce we will find along the way” said Zac Romaine. “The expedition experience will continue in the dining room and bars with the tastes of regional Australia on offer along with the usual warm and friendly Aussie hospitality provided by our crew”.

Expedition Highlights

● Connect with the vibrant island communities of the Torres Straits and Tiwi Islands and enjoy cultural performance and art demonstrations
● Explore our Anzac history with time ashore at the historic port of Albany
● Cruise by the striking sea cliffs of Bunda in the Head of Bight as we venture across the Southern Ocean
● Meet the charismatic Australian wildlife that abounds on remote coastal shores including Kangaroo Island, Magnetic Island, Naria Island and Lucky Bay
● Enjoy the regional flavours of Australia with oyster experience in Coffin Bay, beef and dairy of King Island, crayfish and scallops in the Abrolhos and selected wines from South and West Australia
● Retrace the voyages of early explorers including Cook, Parker King, Flinders and Baudin at key landing sites around the coastline
● Explore World Heritage nature and share cultural stories with indigenous guides on K’Gari (Fraser Island)
● Snorkel and dive at remote outposts of Ashmore Reef, Lizard Island, the remote Rowley Shoals, the Houtman Abrolhos and more

Special Events

● Private jet charter to Uluru for sunset cultural experience and dinner under the stars
● Winemakers Dinner and vineyard tour at Leeuwin Estate in the Margaret River
● Tall ship racing through the heads on magnificent Sydney Harbour

Voyage Details

Circumnavigation of Australia | 59 Nights | Cairns to Cairns, departed 17 Oct 2022 | Coral Adventurer

(Coral Expeditions)