Around The World In 80 Days – An Adventure Of A Lifetime In 2023 Or 2024

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines' Borealis at Liverpool (Courtesy Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines - July 2021)“It’s really useful to travel, if you want to see new things”– Jules Verne “Around the World in Eighty Days”. The year 2023 will mark the 150th Anniversary of the publication of the French author Jules Verne’s famous classic adventure novel “Around the World in Eighty Days.”

So The Cruise People are most delighted to bring you an outstanding selection of Around the World in 80 days – Grand Voyages from one of the best known and loved cruise lines, Fred. Olsen.

This is not just going to be any holiday experience, this is going to be a once-in-a lifetime adventure with fantastic destinations – in the Americas, Australasia, Asia and Europe – along with friendly, personal and attentive service and a memorable time on board the BOREALIS – your home away from home at sea.

The elegant BOREALIS is a stylish, luxurious, spacious, comfortable and smaller ship (with a capacity of just 1,360 guests), so it offers a more traditional style of cruising experience. Do come and join us in celebrating our beautiful and amazing post-Covid world, where happiness, freedom and adventure can once again be a big part of our lives. Go on, treat yourself and your loved one to this well-deserved grand voyage!

Cruise Details: You can join the ship from either Southampton or Liverpool.


1) Around the World in 80 Days – Southampton, 23 FEB 2023, 79 Nights, Borealis. SUITE from £23.999 per / person, BALCONY from £18.999 p/p ,OCEAN from £13.999 p/p, INTERIOR from £11.499 p/p, SOLO from £22.398.

2) Around the World in 80 Days – Liverpool , 21 FEB 2023, 81 Nights, Borealis. SUITE from £24,649 p/p , BALCONY from £19.549 p/p, OCEAN from £14.349 p/p, INTERIOR from £11.799 p/p, SOLO from £22.923.

3) World Cruise from Southampton, 07 JAN 2024, 101 Nights, Borealis. SUITE from £27,499 p/p, BALCONY from £19.999 p/p, OCEAN from £14.299 p/p, SOLO from £24.748.
4) World Cruise from Liverpool, (to and from Liverpool) 05 JAN 2024 ,105 Nights. SUITE from £28.099 p/p, BALCONY-from £20.399 p/p ,OCEAN from £14.699 p/p, INTERIOR-from £13.399, SOLO from- £25.348.

5) World Cruise from Southampton to Liverpool, 07 JAN 2024, 103 Nights. SUITE from £27.799 p/p, BALCONY from £20.199 p/p , OCEAN from £14.499 p/p, INTERIOR from £13.199 p/p, SOLO from £25.048.

(The Cruise People – London)