A new look for a new decade at CMV – Cruise and Maritime Voyages

The 1,250-berth Magellan“As we enter our second decade of cruising, and with the CMV fleet continuing to grow, we decided that it was time to refresh our livery. Although each of our ships is iconic and special, the liveries do vary. Like all cruise lines, we want our ships to look like a fleet and be recognisable around the world as CMV ships.”

“One thing is common across all our ships and that is that they are more traditional and in order to reflect this, we will be making all the hulls blue like Marco Polo and Vasco Da Gama,” CMV annouced on its web site.

Pictured above is Magellan sporting the new design of traditional style, blue hull with a smart double white stripe. The funnels will become blue with a stylisation of our logo to add a more contemporary edge. The CMV logo appears on the sides of each ship towards the aft section and also on the centre bow as they do currently.

(Cruise & Maritime Voyages)