2020-2021 to be Promising Antarctic Cruise Season for Canadian Expedition Cruise Specialist One Ocean Expeditions

The 146-berth RCGS Resolute at Paradise Bay (Artist impression)One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) announces new cruise itineraries and engaging programs that promise to take the expedition cruising experience to a whole new level for the 2020/2021 Antarctic season.

Expedition cruise enthusiasts can benefit from attractive early booking offers and unmatched added value while travelling on board RCGS Resolute. These offerings come ahead of the company’s celebration of the vessel’s one-year anniversary sailing under the OOE banner. 

OOE’s Antarctic 2020/2021 season introduces new cruise itineraries that allow more time in destination and a wider selection of voyages offering high value and competitive packaging. The latest programs are in addition to OOE’s most popular and long-standing Antarctic voyages. 

Over the last two years, OOE’s ‘fly’ cruise voyages have become a main stay of Antarctic programming. Voyages range from the ever-popular Quest for the Antarctic Circle providing direct private air charter out of Punta Arenas to Antarctica in just two and a half hours, to Ultimate Antarctica which encompasses the Weddell Sea.

By utilising Stanley, Falklands Islands as OOE’s key port for tourism even port days become an immersive experience. Last year OOE introduced private air charter from Santiago, Chile to Stanley, Falkland Islands, saving guests 4.5 hours in flight as well as time in transit.

This new, efficient access to destination has been a huge success and is inclusive in voyage packages for 2020/2021 offering seamless boarding of RCGS Resolute, and a travel time-saver. In addition, a new complimentary pre-cruise hotel night will be included in the voyage fare.

Experiential voyages with a focus on Marine Mammals and ocean literacy are well timed in February and March, offering OOE’s popular programming featuring Dr. Ari Friedlaender and the California Ocean Alliance. Starting and finishing in Ushuaia, Argentina, these voyages provide guests with opportunities to participate alongside world leading cetacean experts who are contributing to the creation of marine protected areas in Antarctica.

Additional highlights of the 2020/2021 programme include a new extended 19-night voyage to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica by way of King George Island, Antarctica and Stanley, Falkland Islands. Offered December through to early February, this provides more availability to this ever-popular route.

Early booking incentives include a travel credit deducted from the voyage fare for all new bookings confirmed by 31 August 2019.

“Our enthusiasm in offering a comprehensive travel package, follows an ever increasing demand from our guests looking for convenience, time savings and exceptional experiences during their holiday,” says Catherine Lawton, One Ocean Expeditions’ General Manager.

“Our guests are sophisticated travellers who have chosen to travel to the ends of the earth with us. Our job is to guide them with ease, options and incredible value for experience. OOE’s One Club (repeat travellers) keeps growing year after year, and this is a wonderful testament to OOE’s operation and capacity to deliver personalised experiences to each and every guest travelling with us,” added Lawton. 

OOE delivers superior industry leading standards, a wide range of options and experiential travel holidays. The knowledgeable and service-oriented shipboard team is part of One Ocean Expeditions’ success. Earlier this month the cruise specialist unveiled a comprehensive training program for their shipboard team, increasing the size of the team and building an experienced leadership capacity onboard its fleet. OOE is proud to once again lead the industry with forward facing guest services showcasing a guest to team ratio of 2:1. 

(One Ocean Expeditions)