Brodosplit lays keel for polar expedition cruise vessel Hondius

“Hondius is the first polar class of cruise ships “LR PC6” that will be produced in the world. Construction of passenger ships is the segment where European and Croatian shipyards can compete. This project has definitely positioned Brodosplit in polar expedition vessels market”, said Tomislav Debeljak, CEO of Brodosplit.

The polar cruise ship is the first vessel in the world to be built in the class LR PC6 meeting the latest and highest demands of Lloyd’s Register for “Polar Class 6”. The vessel will be 107 meters long, with a breadth of 17.6 meters and it will be equipped with two main engines for a total of 4,200 kW, generating a speed of 15 knots. The vessel will be able to accommodate 196 passengers in 86 cabins.

The polar cruise ship will also offer its passengers a high-quality and varied accommodation offer, boasting different categories of cabins- from spacious apartments to two-room and four-room capacities where guest will be provided with the safe and comfortable stay.

The design and all technical solutions are created by Brodosplit designers whose work will confirm their pivotal role in positioning Brodosplit high on the list on technical competencies and architectural competitiveness.

The ship will be available to the first travelers in the Arctic season in March 2019.