Record-breaking cruise season in Copenhagen

Oceankaj Cruise Terminal in  Copenhagen (Courtesy Copenhagen Malmö Port)The cruise season was a successful one for Copenhagen Malmö Port, CMP. Copenhagen welcomed 850,000 passengers, setting a new record. CMP is now investing in continued growth. A new terminal is being built in Copenhagen, and as from April 2018 Visby will form part of CMP’s cruise operations.

Cruise operations continue to have the wind in their sails. As the figures for 2017 are added up, CMP has welcomed 325 ships and 850,000 passengers to Copenhagen. This is a new passenger record, which is partly the result of the ships becoming bigger and bigger.

“Last season we welcomed 15 larger ships, each with around 4,000 passengers. That number increased many times over this year, as we welcomed 55 such ships. Although the number of passengers increased, we’ve also managed to maintain our high levels of service and quality. That’s something I take pride in,” says Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO Cruise & Ferries, Copenhagen Malmö Port AB.

153 of the visits were what are referred to as turnaround calls, where passengers start or end their cruise in Copenhagen. During the season, CMP played host to 72 different vessels from 36 shipping companies.

“The last call of the summer season was made by the ship Aidavita at Langelinie. We now have six Christmas and New Year cruises scheduled before the season finally comes to an end,” says Arnt Møller Pedersen.

Next year the number of ships calling at Copenhagen will increase to 337 and the number of passengers to 875,000. At the same time, CMP will be welcome nine ships to Malmö with a total of 10,000 passengers.

Operations will be extended next April, when the new cruise terminal in Visby opens and CMP takes over its operation. Visby is expected to welcome 90,000 passengers in 2018, twice the level it saw this year.

(Copenhagen Malmö Port)