Cruise Line Executives and Platinum Members Discuss Business and Developments during FCCA PAMAC Meeting

Over 100 FCCA Platinum Members and 25 senior-level cruise executives gathered today in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic for the FCCA PAMAC Meeting.

The meeting joined these key executives and cruise tourism stakeholders to share and discuss the latest developments and issues in the industry-from the global and national level to individual members’ questions and input.

“The PAMAC Meeting is extremely important, as it ensures that the communications between FCCA Platinum Members and the Member Lines remain open, allows the members to articulate their challenges face-to -face with the cruise lines, whilst also providing an opportunity to learn from each other, and discuss what measures might be required by either the members in their respective destinations or by the lines to ensure that the guest experience can be improved, along with the respective destination ratings,” told Russell Daya, executive director global port operations & developments, Disney Cruise Line, and chairman of the FCCA Operations Committee.

A panel of pertinent executives representing different departments-from shore excursions to port and destination development-and knowledgeable private and public sector representatives led a panel to field the topics both planned for the meeting and brought up by Platinum Members in attendance.

Additionally, Platinum Members presented and announced new developments and ideas in order to gain input and exposure from the prominent audience of stakeholders and cruise executives who decide where ships call, what sells onboard and how to invest in infrastructure.

The PAMAC Meeting was just one part of the FCCA PAMAC Summit’s three-day schedule chock-full of meetings and functions designed to foster Platinum Members’ development of working relationships and exchange of ideas with and promotion of products and destinations to key players throughout the cruise industry.

(FCCA – Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association)