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Travel advisors take Barcelona cruise ship ban in stride

The port of Barcelona Barcelona, Europe’s busiest cruise port, this week will put into effect a ban on passenger ships from its central cruise terminal, Muelle Barcelona Norte, a change five years in the making that echoes moves by other major European cities to disassociate city centers and cruise ships. (more…)

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Spain Looking to Diversify Cruise Visitors, Promote Smaller Ports

The port of Barcelona The two main Spanish ports — Barcelona and Palma — have reached full capacity in terms of cruise passengers and are looking to attract smaller ships and higher-spending visitors. Palma welcomed 2.2 million cruise passengers this year — in a city of 414,000 — and in an effort to alleviate overtourism the city wants to attract smaller cruise ships over a longer season. (cruisecritic.co.uk)

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Barcelona mayor promises crackdown on cruise ships

The port of Barcelona Barcelona’s mayor, Ada Colau, has pledged to restrict the number of cruise ships allowed to dock in the city and to oppose the expansion of the city’s airport, saying: “We don’t have infinite capacity.” Colau said the limits would reduce pollution in the city, where air quality regularly exceeds World Health Organization limits for nitrogen oxide and PM10 particulates. (theguardian.com)

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Barcelona: 3.2 Million Cruise Guests in 2019

The port of Barcelona Barcelona expects 3.2 million cruise guests and 830 cruise calls in a strong 2019 cruise season, said Mar Perez, cruise manager. The numbers are up over 2018, including more homeport calls, a key objective for the Spanish port. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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The Port of Barcelona presents a pioneering Air Quality Improvement Plan

The Port of Barcelona has presented its Air Quality Improvement Plan, a pioneering initiative that aims to effectively reduce emissions from port activities. The document, approved by the Port’s Management Board and put to the Table on Air Quality in the Barcelona Conurbation, involves 25 actions rolled out in 53 operations. (more…)