Explora Journeys Unveils Unforgettable Adventures With Legendary Explorer Mike Horn On Explora I

Explora Journeys Unveils Unforgettable Adventures With Legendary Explorer Mike Horn On Explora I  (Image at LateCruiseNews.com - June 2024)Explora Journeys, the luxury lifestyle ocean travel brand of the MSC Group, announced unique Destination Experiences led by renowned explorer and brand ambassador, Mike Horn.

From 10-20 November 2024, guests on board EXPLORA I will have the unparalleled opportunity to join Mike Horn on two extraordinary adventures, showcasing the wild beauty of Spain’s Lanzarote and La Palma islands.

During a lifetime of adventure, Mike Horn has travelled extensively in the most remote regions on the planet, tirelessly tracing invisible lines across the world map. On board EXPLORA I, the Johannesburg-born explorer will share tales of his endeavours during enriching onboard talks. The explorer will also pass on his knowledge about mental and physical preparation across workout sessions.

Guests on the journey from 10-20 November 2024 departing in Barcelona visiting Cadiz, the Canary Islands and Gibraltar before returning to Barcelona, have the chance to join two exclusive Destination Experiences:

Adventures with Mike Horn: Hike Lanzarote’s Haría Extreme Wild Trail

Guests will embark on an intrepid hike up the formidable Haría Extreme ultra-marathon trail, guided by the legendary Mike Horn. Starting from Famara, participants will ascend the rugged cliff face, enjoying breathtaking island panoramas at every turn. The journey continues along the Camino de Los Gracioseros before reaching the charming village of Haría. Here, guests will relish a revitalizing lunch at the esteemed Tacande restaurant, followed by an exploration of the picturesque, whitewashed streets and thriving palm groves of Haría.

Highlights of this experience include:

· Hike on the Haría Extreme trail-running route with professional explorer Mike Horn

· Stunning island panoramas on the way

· Lunch at the iconic Tacande restaurant, in Haría

· Trek through nature-rich ravines, woods, and rocky terrain

Adventures with Mike Horn: Explore La Palma’s Wild Beauty and Piratical Past by Land & Sea

On this experience, guests will delve into La Palma’s untamed beauty and intriguing history. Starting in Tijarafe, Mike Horn will guide participants through the island’s lush subtropical environment down a rugged coastal path to Porís de Candelaria, a hidden hamlet at the cliff’s base. From there, guests will sail with Mike to the spectacular Cueva Bonita, a sea cave once used by fishermen to evade pirates. Known as the ‘Atlantic Sistine Chapel,’ the cave’s walls are bathed in the soft light of sundown, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

Highlights of this experience include:

· Hike through La Palma’s thriving biodiversity with world-renowned adventurer Mike Horn

· Views of enchanting coastal cliff village of Porís de Candelaria

· Sail to the spectacular Cueva Bonita, accessible only by boat

These exclusive experiences offer guests a rare chance to explore some of the Canary Island’s most stunning natural landscapes alongside one of the world’s most acclaimed explorers.

(Explora Journeys Unveils Unforgettable Adventures With Legendary Explorer Mike Horn On Explora I – Explora Journeys)