Landmark Partnership: Cruise Ireland and Cruise Britain Join Forces to Boost Cruise Tourism

Landmark Partnership: Cruise Ireland and Cruise Britain Join Forces to Boost Cruise Tourism  - Conor Mowlds Chair Cruise Ireland (L) and Ian McQuade, Chair, Cruise Britain (R) sign MoU at Seatrade Cruise Global (Image at - April 2024)  (Image at - April 2024)Cruise Ireland and The Port of Cork Company are proud to announce a landmark partnership between Cruise Ireland and Cruise Britain, aimed at fostering collaboration and driving growth in the cruise business sector.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by representatives from both Cruise Ireland and Cruise Britain at the renowned Seatrade Global Conference in Miami, Florida, the world’s largest cruise trade show and conference.

The cruise industry is estimated to be worth €70 million to the national economy annually, with onshore spending averaging at €81 per passenger and €29 per crewperson.

The approach to promote Ireland and the British Isles as a ‘cruising region’ aims to harness the further growth potential of the cruise tourism sector with itineraries that offer world renowned experience and attractions all within short sailing distances.

Through strategic collaboration, both organisations can tap into new markets and demographics, expand their reach and promote a unique Ireland and Britain cruise offering – bolstering economic potential.

The agreement signifies a shared commitment to promoting and developing cruise tourism through joint marketing campaigns, while emphasising sustainable and responsible tourism practices. It establishes a framework for cooperation in key areas including promotion of cruise tourism, knowledge sharing, regulatory framework, environmental sustainability, joint committees, and information sharing.

Conor Mowlds, Chair of Cruise Ireland and Chief Commercial Officer at the Port of Cork Company, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “This agreement signifies the strong intent to foster connections across borders and seas to bolster our positioning for future tourism and economic growth.

“Cruise calls provide essential transient tourism – shorter stays, an injection of economic activity to regions without putting additional pressure on the hospitality sector for the need of bed nights. Onshore spending averages over €80 per passenger and almost €30 per crewperson, highlighting the substantial economic benefits for the regions.

“The partnership between Cruise Ireland and Cruise Britain holds promise for driving economic growth, job creation, and sustainable tourism across our islands. ”

Ian McQuade, Chair, Cruise Britain stated, “Cruise Britain welcomes this MoU which marks a real step change in the working relationship between Britain and Ireland’s shoreside cruise businesses. For the cruise sector, the United Kingdom and Ireland represent a key operating region within Northern Europe and all partners can benefit from working together to leverage increased business and a smooth, sustainable growth trajectory. As an association spanning the four nations of the UK, the Isle of Man and Channel Islands, Cruise Britain absolutely believes that ports and service providers are stronger together and can deliver better experiences through collaboration, sharing of best practices and addressing common challenges. To extend this across the Irish Sea to the whole of Ireland represents a key development and we look forward to working with our Cruise Ireland colleagues in the future.”

(Landmark Partnership: Cruise Ireland and Cruise Britain Join Forces to Boost Cruise Tourism – Port of Cork Company, Cruise Ireland, Cruise Britain)