Resorts World One New Summer Sailings from Hong Kong between 12 July – 6 October 2024

Resorts World Cruises' Resorts World OneUpon completion of Resorts World One seasonal homeport deployment in Southeast Asia from 25 May – 3 July 2024, the ship will return to Hong Kong to commence her new summer homeport deployment between 12 July – 6 October 2024.

Resorts World Cruises will offer eight 6 Day / 5 Night Okinawa Cruises departing Sundays to Naha and either Miyakojima or Ishigaki in Okinawa, Japan; and five 6 Day / 5 Night Vietnam Cruises to Hanoi (Ha Long Bay) and Da Nang, including to Sanya in China. Resorts World One will also continue to offer the popular 3 Day / 2 Night Weekend Cruises departing on Fridays for those seeking that short getaway on the open seas.

The Resorts World One will also offer additional two 6 Day / 5 Night Okinawa, Japan Cruises departing on 5 May (Naha-Ishigaki) and 12 May 2024 (Naha-Miyakojima) from Hong Kong before departing to commence for her Jakarta and Singapore seasonal homeport deployment.

“The Resorts World One will have an exciting deployment these coming months, as she will leave Hong Kong for Southeast Asia at the end of May 2024. However, Hong Kong remains an important cruise hub and we are delighted that Resorts World One will return soon in early July to launch its new season itineraries for vacationers departing from Hong Kong,” said Mr. Michael Goh, President of Resorts World Cruises. “Our 6 Day / 5 Night Cruises to Okinawa, Japan and Vietnam have been well-received in the past, and we are bringing it back by popular demand for the new season itinerary,” he added.

Resorts World One new seasonal itineraries will continue to feature some of the best and popular destinations in Okinawa, Japan and Vietnam, including to Sanya in China as part of her 6 Day / 5 Night Cruise.

In Okinawa, guests will have the chance to visit Naha, the capital city and gateway to Okinawa, featuring a wide variety of attractions such as the energetic Kokusai Street; the Makishi Public Market, popularly known as the “Kitchen of Okinawa”; duty free haven at T-Galleria Okinawa; Naminoue beach and more. Another Okinawa highlight is Miyakojima, offering some of the country’s finest beaches, perfect for snorkelling, diving and thrilling water sports. Beyond its natural wonders, Miyakojima offers a journey of rich cultural heritage with traditional architectures, colourful local festivals, unique Okinawan speciality cuisines and more. Alternatively, check out Ishigaki, another subtropical paradise with exciting activities, relaxing views and traditional island cultures.

For the cruise to Vietnam, visit the breath-taking city of Da Nang that offers a perfect mix of modern and traditional touches. Some of the most popular sites include the Pham Van Dong Beach and Non Nuoc Beach, the country’s longest Dragon Bridge, as well as the famous Marble Mountains with hidden shrines and more. Besides that, discover another of Vietnam’s famous destination – Ha Long Bay. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed landscape is known for its cave exploring activities, ancient fishing village, amazing one of a kind sceneries and fun-filled water activities.

In addition, as part of the Vietnam Cruise, the ship will visit Sanya in China, which is known as the world’s largest duty-free shopping destination and is a haven for foodies with fresh seafood and tropical fruits, as well as more water activities for all ages.

(Resorts World One New Summer Sailings from Hong Kong between 12 July – 6 October 2024 – Resorts World Cruises)