MedCruise Inspires Innovation and Dedication with ‘Blue Ports and Destinations’ Award

MedCruise (Logo)Step into a world of innovation, efficiency and dedication as MedCruise collaborates in the creation of the ‘Blue Ports and Destinations’ Award.

This prestigious accolade, organised by BlueMissionMed and launched with the backing of the EU Mission Ocean, is set to inspire and recognise the pioneers in the dynamic field of ports and destinations. The award aims to highlight best practices that actively contribute to the objectives of the EU Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters’ by 2030.

The Award Ceremony, which will be held in Athens, in April 2024, will gather industry leaders for a day of networking and celebration while discussing the environmental, social and economic impact.

Categories of Distinction: The ‘Blue Ports and Destinations’ Award will be presented in three distinct categories:

– “Building, Design, Construction, or Technical Sustainability Solutions” Award
– “Social, Corporate Sustainability, Community & Port Connectivity” Award
– “Eco-Conscious Entrepreneur & Personality” Award

Encouraging Participation: MedCruise has taken an active stance by encouraging its members to participate in this initiative. The Association seeks to contribute to the collective efforts of the industry towards a more sustainable future.

How to Get Involved: For those interested in participating and finding out more about the ‘Blue Ports and Destinations’ Award, all the necessary information can be accessed through the provided link (procedures, requirements, selection criteria).

(MedCruise Inspires Innovation and Dedication with ‘Blue Ports and Destinations’ Award – MedCruise)