Lisbon Cruise Port proudly declares 2023 as its best year ever – MedCruise

Lisbon Cruise Terminal (Source: MedCruise)Lisbon Cruise Port proudly declares 2023 as its best year ever, achieving a remarkable milestone with a record-breaking 758K passengers — an impressive 33% increase compared to 2019.

This outstanding accomplishment reaffirms Lisbon’s status as a premier cruise destination, attracting a growing number of visitors from around the world.

The substantial increase in passenger numbers, reaching more than 758K, showcases the enduring appeal of Lisbon as a preferred cruise destination. The 33% surge from 2019 demonstrates the city’s ability to captivate and enthrall cruise enthusiasts, offering a memorable experience that goes beyond expectations.

Among the 347 calls received in 2023, Lisbon Cruise Port hosted 130 turnaround calls, constituting 40% of the total annual calls. This highlights the trust and confidence cruise lines place in Lisbon as a key embarkation or disembarkation point for their journeys. Lisbon Cruise Port’s strategic importance in the cruise sector is evident through this significant achievement.

In addition to the impressive passenger and call numbers, Lisbon Cruise Port expanded its range of services in 2023. The port focused on delivering enhanced services, catering to the diverse needs of each vessel and ensuring an exceptional experience for passengers and crew members alike. The commitment to excellence in service has undoubtedly contributed to the record-breaking success achieved throughout the year.

Lisbon Cruise Port is honoured to announce its ninth win of the Europe’s Leading Cruise Port prize by World Travel Awards for the year 2023. This prestigious recognition underscores the port’s outstanding service provision and world-class infrastructure, solidifying its reputation as a leading cruise port in Europe.

Expressing gratitude to the cruise lines that selected Lisbon as their destination in 2023, Lisbon Cruise Port extends a warm invitation to others to explore this wonderful city. The port remains dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience, combining rich cultural heritage and vibrant atmospheres that make Lisbon a standout cruise destination.

A special appreciation is reserved for the incredible work done by all teams closely involved in Lisbon Cruise Port´s activity. Their unwavering commitment and exceptional work ethic played a pivotal role in achieving the unprecedented success of 2023. The teams´ passion and dedication have set the standard for excellence in the cruise industry, contributing to Lisbon’s reputation as a must-visit destination.

As Lisbon Cruise Port reflects on the triumphs of 2023, it looks forward to building on this success, strengthening partnerships with cruise lines, and continuing to offer unparalleled experiences. The record-breaking achievements and prestigious award serve as a testament to Lisbon Cruise Port’s position as a global leader in the cruise industry.

(Lisbon Cruise Port proudly declares 2023 as its best year ever – MedCruise)