Mehmet Kutman, Global Ports Holding CEO, visits Tarragona Cruise Port construction site

Mehmet Kutman, Global Ports Holding CEO, visits Tarragona Cruise Port construction site (Image at - December 2023)Yesterday, on Tuesday, December 19, Mr. Mehmet Kutman, CEO of Global Ports Holding (GPH), visited Port Tarragona to closely monitor the progress of the construction of the future terminal at the Tarragona Cruise Port.

Accompanied by Javier Rodríguez, GPH’s West Med and Asia Regional Director, and Alba Colet, Commercial Manager of Tarragona Cruise Port, the delegation met with Saül Garreta, the President of the Port Authority of Tarragona (APT), to present the current status of the construction work that GPH is undertaking at the Balears wharf in the port.

Alongside President Garreta, attendees at the meeting included the General Director, Ramon García; the Commercial and Business Development Director, Genoveva Climent; the Infrastructure Director, Carles Segura, and other members of the APT Executive Committee.

Since the start of construction in June 2023, significant progress has been made, with tasks distributed between Balears wharf, the location of the terminal, and the Almería warehouse where modules for the terminal assembly are being constructed. Once fully assembled, these modules, designed using industrialized construction methods, will form a functional, efficient, and sustainable building housing essential services such as a cafeteria, retail, offices, bathrooms, among others, distributed peripherally and forming a large part of the facade.

At present, 100% of the foundation has been completed at Balears wharf, including some modules, the central hall, and canopies. Currently, the focus is on the metal structure, with tree-shaped pillars in the central and peripheral areas taking shape. The lifting of the metal roof structure is also underway, completing the geometry of the central area, which corresponds to the part executed 100% on-site.

Last week, the transfer of modules from the Almería factory to the construction site began, starting with the first 6 pieces. This process will extend until mid-January, by which time it is expected that all 28 modules will have arrived, allowing the final and visible form of the building to take shape once assembled.

From this point onward, efforts will concentrate on the construction of the roof, interior finishes, and installations, with the goal of completing the project by April 30, 2024. Global Ports takes pride in the achievements so far and looks forward to the successful completion of this flagship project in the cruise industry. The Tarragona Cruise Port will be one of the venues for the 64th edition of the MedCruise Association Assembly and will host part of the activities in which cruise companies, agencies, and other stakeholders in the Mediterranean cruise tourism sector will participate.

About Tarragona Cruise Port

Tarragona Cruise Port is a premier cruise destination, offering unparalleled experiences in the heart of the Mediterranean. As the result of a 12-year concession awarded to Global Ports Holding back in 2022, the construction of a new cruise passenger terminal in Tarragona represents a significant advancement in the port’s offerings. With the capacity to handle the world’s largest cruise ships and the recent doubling of berth capacity to accommodate up to four ships simultaneously, Tarragona Cruise Port is well-positioned to cater to the growing demands of the industry. Situated less than an hour’s drive from Barcelona airport and near the captivating city of Tarragona, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this modern facility, combined with the region’s mild Mediterranean climate, sets the stage for exceptional turnaround operations and remarkable voyages.

About Global Ports Holding Plc

Global Ports Holding Plc (GPH) is the world’s largest cruise port operator with an established presence in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Asia-Pacific regions. Established in 2004 as an independent cruise port operator, GPH holds a unique position in the cruise port landscape, positioning itself as the world’s leading cruise port brand. GPH operates 30 cruise ports in 17 countries, providing services for over 20 million cruise passengers annually. The group also provides commercial port operations, specializing in container, bulk, and general cargo handling.

(Mehmet Kutman, Global Ports Holding CEO, visits Tarragona Cruise Port construction site – GPH, Tarragona Cruise Port)