Hurtigruten and HX Announce Next Phase of Rebrand. New Websites, Social Channels and Visual Identities Unveiled Ahead of Wave Season

HX: Change the way you see the world

HX and sister brand Hurtigruten are unveiling the next phase of their new brand identities following the initial announcement in September.

This week, in anticipation of Wave Season, the brands launch new visual profiles, websites, social channels, brochures, booking materials, advertisements and more to solidify their distinct brand identities:

Hurtigruten Expeditions launched the world’s first expedition cruise in 1896. Now transforming to HX, the company is the global leader in expedition cruising. Taking curious travellers to over 250 destinations in more than 30 countries worldwide, HX is committed to ensuring guests return home with a deep understanding and love of the places they explore.

Hurtigruten Norway, which celebrated 130 years of operating the original Norwegian Coastal Express this summer, will continue with the iconic name, simplified to just Hurtigruten, signifying “the fast route” in Norwegian.

“This marks a defining moment as HX and Hurtigruten embark on the next phase of their distinct journeys as leaders in global sustainable travel,” said Daniel Skjeldam, CEO of Hurtigruten Group.

Both HX and Hurtigruten are wholly owned by Hurtigruten Group, forming a portfolio of sustainable travel brands that includes extensive land-based activities such as hotels, restaurants, and more through Hurtigruten Svalbard. Additionally, the group holds a 25-percent stake in Ecuador-based Metropolitan Touring, known for pioneering sustainable travel in the Galápagos Islands.

New Identities, New Looks

New logos and distinct visual identities will differentiate the two sister brands, setting them apart from competitors and strengthening their position as global leaders in sustainable travel.

“HXs rebrand solidifies our commitment to lead as the world’s most sustainable expedition cruise company,” stated Skjeldam. Unveiling a new visual identity characterized by nature-centric photography and a neutral earth-toned palette, Skjeldam added, “The refreshed brand reflects who we are and the values we live and breathe every day. We are dedicated to safeguarding the environments, wildlife, and communities central to our adventures. Our commitment to science and education not only fuels our curiosity but also ensures a mindful approach: it’s not solely about where we go, but how we get there.”

For 130 years, Hurtigruten on its end has been a vital lifeline to Norwegian coastal communities, providing guests with an authentic experience of these regions that transcends superficial mass tourism. Often referred to as the most beautiful sea voyage in the world, this extraordinary journey will remain at the heart of Hurtigruten’s heritage branded as solely Hurtigruten keeping with the original red and black color palette to underline this.

Digital Evolution: Websites, Social Media and Guest Communications

Both websites have been redesigned to articulate their unique brand stories more clearly. Visitors can now access HXs revamped website at (full domain transition, including employee email addresses, from April 2024). Hurtigruten will use the original address, where a split screen will guide visitors to either brand page until April.

While maintaining separate social channels since 2021, HX will transition across platforms from ‘Hurtigruten Expeditions’ to ‘HX Hurtigruten Expeditions.’ Both brands will update and align future content with the refreshed brand identity. The new channels for both brands are live:

Facebook: HX Hurtigruten Expeditions and Hurtigruten
Instagram: HX HurtigrutenExpeditionsand Hurtigruten
LinkedIn: HX Hurtigruten Expeditions and Hurtigruten Norway
YouTube: HX Hurtigruten Expeditions and Hurtigruten

HX has also significantly revamped guest communications, ensuring an elevated expedition experience from booking to post-voyage. Starting this month, guests embark on a redesigned digital journey upon booking, prioritizing seamless communication and deeper exploration of their upcoming voyage.

Post-expedition, guests will gain access to a redesigned Logbook, featuring professional imagery from their sailing and an interactive, content-rich map to relive the adventure. Later this year, both the expedition line’s B2B Portal and Guest App will undergo updates to ensure alignment with the new visual identity.

Updating the HX Guest Experience

Over the next 12 months, onboard guests will witness HXs rebrand with updates to physical elements—uniforms, room key cards, crew name badges, water bottles and more. In 2024, the fleet’s six ships will commence repainting and proudly sail under new livery by year end.

“Though united by a mutual dedication to sustainability, each brand has its own, unique story to tell. Bringing their distinct identities to life is key to setting them apart, and essential for global audience growth,” concluded Skjeldam.

(Hurtigruten and HX Announce Next Phase of Rebrand. New Websites, Social Channels and Visual Identities Unveiled Ahead of Wave Season – Hurtigruten)