Costa Cruises Launches Its New Global Brand Platform. Costa Cruises returns to advertising with a new international campaign

Costa Campagna 2023 – Live your Wonder – Teaser 30”

The new platform, resulting from the evolution of the brand’s global positioning, is dedicated to the emotions experienced when on a cruise with Costa.

Costa Cruises returns to advertising with a new international campaign, marking the start of a new strategic and creative journey.

The new strategy- a logical progression of the work that has been done to date – was developed as a result of our observation of consumer behavior, the socioeconomic environment, and is intended to be a response to their needs and desires.

The creative concept behind the new strategy, curated by Herezie, is based on the idea that the best way to narrate the experiences lived on a Costa cruise, in which sea and destinations are uniquely combined, is precisely through the emotions that they arouse in guests. Wonderful moments in which guests are left speechless, as the emotions felt are so strong and unique that they cannot even describe them. A concept that finds its answer in the brand’s new signature, “Live Your Wonder”.

“At the heart of every Costa innovation is the human experience in the broadest sense. Going beyond the expectations of our guests, proposing high quality experiences capable of eliciting unforgettable emotions, has always been our ultimate goal. The platform’s new creative concept has been able to capture precisely that indescribable moment when our guests experience unique emotions on holiday with Costa, so captivating they leave them speechless” – said Francesco Muglia, Costa Cruises’ Vice President Global Marketing & Source Markets.

“This strategic and creative evolution seeks to place consumer’s needs and emotions at the center, as Costa takes on the role of the enabler of unforgettable experiences onboard our ships. Nowadays, a brand that wishes to be relevant in consumers’ daily lives must offer, in addition to its products and services, a higher, intangible value: namely, emotions. After all, emotions are what enrich people’s lives as they turn into unforgettable memories” – said Lorenza Montorfano, Costa Cruises’ Brand and ADV Director Global Marketing.

The campaign aims to become a truly comprehensive and substantial platform along the entire consumer journey, which will feed, in a perfectly synergetic way, the company’s different communication channels in the four main European countries where Costa operates: Italy, France, Spain and Germany.

The commercial was launched between September 24th and 25th with a “teaser” subject in all markets. A number of thematic segments will follow, revealing the various proposals for onboard experiences at the forefront of the market.

The musical track “I am a Believer” which has been accompanying Costa’s recent campaigns, is also featured in this new commercial, where it takes on new and varied forms.

The flexibility of the new communication platform makes it possible to preside over different media with grammar and language native to the channel itself, from television copy to digital video platforms, to activations on the ground with DOOH, to spontaneous and innovative content developed for social channels by content creators.

The campaign’s omnichannel media planning was carried out by Mindshare Italy, Costa Cruises’ global media partner.

(Costa Cruises Launches Its New Global Brand Platform. Costa Cruises returns to advertising with a new international campaign – Costa Cruises)