AIDA Introduces Product Innovation: Sustainable Soap from Coffee Grounds

AIDA Cruises (Logo)AIDA Cruises, Germany’s leading cruise company, is cooperating with the young Hamburg-based start-up Coffeecycle.

As part of this collaboration, coffee grounds from AIDA ships are efficiently recycled and processed into high-quality vegan natural cosmetics.

The cooperation between AIDA Cruises and Coffeecycle aims to reduce food waste on board AIDA ships and support a sustainable circular economy. Coffee grounds – normally considered organic waste – are now used as a valuable ingredient in the production of vegan soap.

As a first step, Coffeecycle founders Liam Metzen and Leonardt Mücke used the coffee grounds from AIDAprima to create a unique soap that is not only sustainable, but also skin-friendly and nourishing.

The special feature: Only coffee grounds from certified Fairtrade coffee are used from on board. In addition, the soap contains valuable ingredients such as coconut and olive oil and, like all cosmetics and most cleaning products on board the AIDA fleet, is free of micro plastic. In the future, coffee grounds from other AIDA ships calling at Hamburg will also be used to make the soap.

“We were absolutely convinced by Coffeecycle’s idea,” said Johannes Nagel, Corporate Hotel Manager at AIDA Cruises. “This partnership underlines our commitment to sustainable practices and our ongoing efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of the cruise industry. Efficiently recycling coffee grounds is an important step in sustainably reducing food waste while developing innovative products.”

The Coffee Soap is available in three different scents (the classic AIDA Sea Scent, Peach and Orange). They are available now on AIDA ships (except AIDAaura) at a retail price of €9.90.

“We are very excited about this cooperation with AIDA. Since we founded Coffeecycle as baristas, our primary goal has been to recycle the maximum amount of coffee grounds. This collaboration with AIDA allows us to do just that and is perfectly aligned with our mission! We are curious to see what quantities of coffee grounds we can now reuse and thus save from disposal”, said Coffeecycle founders Liam Metzen and Leonardt Mücke.

Recycling coffee grounds is a further step towards more sustainability and environmental protection. The careful use of resources is a fundamental pillar of AIDA’s environmental management. Therefore, careful handling of raw materials, food, and water are part of daily routine aboard the AIDA ships. AIDA Cruises continuously optimizes its circular economy model to use fewer resources, produce less waste, and maximize recycling.

(AIDA Introduces Product Innovation: Sustainable Soap from Coffee Grounds – AIDA Cruises)