Lindblad Taps Next-Gen Digital Marketing to Fill Cruise Ships

National Geographic Resolution, National Geographic Explorer  and National Geographic Endurance captured side-by-side in South Georgia in the Southern Atlantic Ocean (December 2021 - Ulstein, Lindblad Expeditions)Lindblad Expeditions, which operates small ships with adventurous themes, is seeing traction with savvier digital marketing. But it’s taking time for the company to get back in the black.

Lindblad Expeditions’ occupancy soared in the first months of the year thanks to marketing investments paying off with more first-time guests, executives said during a Wednesday earnings call.

Occupancy in the first quarter hit 81 percent — up from 66 percent a year ago. Executives attributed this to stronger consumer confidence and returns on marketing improvements. They expect occupancy to continue to ramp up this year but not reach pre-pandemic levels until a future year.

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