Cruise Ship Casinos: Why They Attract Tourists

Cruise liners today are not just meant for transport but also huge spaces with all the necessary facilities for recreation and entertainment. Many of the ships that go on long voyages are equipped with casinos.

In such establishments, players not only try their luck but also have fun.

Read more about the features of casinos based on ships in the article below.

Marine-based casinos: what are their main features?
Gambling began to be organized on ships back in the days when there were no airplanes, and crossing the ocean was only possible with the help of ships. Back then, only the rich could afford such a holiday. Thanks to the rapid development of the cruise industry today, people of all income levels can now enjoy cruising. Use online casino bonus bez vkladu 7€ and you can continue playing in any place that you want.

The popularity of cruises and the high demand for gambling resulted in the casinos being opened not only on huge passenger liners but also on smaller ships, yachts and even sailing boats.

Modern gambling establishments based on ships are similar to land-based casinos in many ways. There are a variety of gambling games and comfortable conditions for spending time. In terms of service gambling platforms on ships are also not inferior to land-based ones. In spite of that, such casinos have a few peculiarities.

On-board gambling facilities

Pay less taxes.
By locating gambling establishments on ships, the entrepreneurs save themselves from the high taxes that the gambling business is subjected to in many countries. When a ship is in neutral waters, it is subject to the laws of the state whose flag it flies. Many liners are registered in offshore zones, such as Bermuda. The casino is shut down when a ship arrives in a port where gambling is prohibited or regulated by local laws. This allows entrepreneurs to avoid fines.

The range of gambling depends on passengers’ preferences.
The available range of games offered by casinos depends on tourists’ preferences and may differ from one itinerary to another. Americans, for example, like to play poker and craps, while Asians like to play baccarat. Taking into account the tastes of their passengers, casinos form the range of games available. That’s why it’s often the case that there are fewer gaming tables on the ships than there are entertainment options. This is because casinos allow gamblers to decide which games they want to play.

Accessibility of gambling to tourists from countries where gambling is illegal
There are some countries where gambling is prohibited by law. One of them is China. Despite the restrictions, it is still a very popular form of entertainment among locals. So for many people in China, a cruise liner trip is a perfect opportunity to visit a gambling hall. Cruise operators are taking this into account and are giving Chinese tourists the chance. However, once the ship is in Chinese waters, the casinos close and stop accepting customers.

In the future, some companies are planning to sail liners with only Chinese citizens as passengers.

Casino benefits on cruise liners
Despite the similarities to land-based casinos, gambling establishments based on ships have the following advantages:

Openness to guests.
Any passenger can visit the casino on the liner, even those who do not intend to participate in gambling. The main thing is that he has reached the required age. Some establishments allow only persons over 18 years old to enter, while other gambling sites are open to persons at least 21 years old. In addition, many casinos allow you to have your picture taken on the premises, which is not the case with most land-based establishments. Also if you tired you can continue game in your room with no deposit bonus casino 2023.
Floating stakes.
This varies depending on the demand for seaside travel. During the high season, the minimum bet goes up and during the low season the minimum bet goes down to attract more customers.
Educational lectures for newcomers and incentives for experienced players.
Cruise ships can also accommodate tourists who are not familiar with gambling but want to try their luck at the casino. Especially for such travelers hold training sessions, during which experts tell guests about the rules of certain gambling games. For regular customers, they introduce a system of rewards;
availability of a large selection of slot machines. Slot machines remain one of the most popular gambling amusements all over the world. That’s why slot machines are present in most of the casinos set up on ships;
Lucky chips to attract players. Some companies, in order to entice customers, give away free chips to passengers, which can be used for betting on the gaming tables.