MedCruise: Professional Development Course 2022, Istanbul, Turkey

MedCruise: Professional Development Course 2022, Istanbul, Turkey   (Image at - December 2022)The MedCruise PDC 2022, based on the #MedCruise4OurPlanet initiative, aspired to deliver quality training to understand better the chances for making the cruise industry more environmentally and socially sustainable.

On December 1, 2022, the participants of the Professional Development Course (PDC) 2022 received their certificates of attendance at the event held on November 24 in Istanbul.

The 2022 edition was dedicated to introducing the most current and relevant issues and the global and European legislation targeting to be accessible for everyone. In fact, among the more than 30 participants, some professionals were not necessarily experts in environmental matters. However, at the end of the training, they reported returning home with specific terminology and essential knowledge to follow, understand, discuss and take environmental-related decisions for the benefit of their respective companies and their stakeholders.

MedCruise President Figen Ayan and Senior Vice President Francesca Antonelli inaugurated the PCD 2022. It counted on an expert of recognised international prestige, Miguel Nuñez-Sanchez, which prepared a programme that ranged from challenges and opportunities in the regulatory framework, pollution sources, and greenhouses gases to global and regional measures to increase the sustainability in cruises traffic.

Miguel Nuñez-Sanchez is a PhD in Naval and Ocean Engineering, MSc in Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering and M.A. in Maritime Law and Shipping. Currently, he is one of the negotiators at IMO on IMO GHG policy and at the EU “Fitfor55” for the maritime domain representing Spain.

Therefore, the participants who travelled to Istanbul had the opportunity to ask questions and ask for details on all kinds of issues related to topics such as OPS, greenhouse gases and alternative fuels that are nowadays in the permanent debate in the cruise sector.

The day ended with a live-streamed panel on the MedCruise youtube channel, moderated by MedCruise Senior Vice President and Cruises Manager at Valenciaport, Francesca Antonelli.

The panel counted with the participation of Heidi Neilson (Port of Oslo) and Valeria Mangiarotti (Port Network Authority of the Sardinian Sea) as well as Miguel Nuñez-Sanchez.

Both professionals, Heidi Neilson and Valeria Mangiarotti are Chairpersons of ESPO’s Sustainable Development and Cruise and Ferry Port Network, respectively. During the relaxed discussion, the panellists recalled how they started dealing with the issue of sustainability in their respective professional careers. All agreed that excellent and continuous training on sustainability issues and good communication with all stakeholders, from shipping companies, ports and destinations, is necessary to start implementing sustainability projects both at sea and on land.

The session in Istanbul concluded with an instructive on-site visit to the facilities of Galataport Istanbul. With an exceptional guide, MedCruise President Figen Ayan, CPO of the institution. Figen Ayan, apart from showing the philosophy of Galataport Istanbul and its facilities, spoke to the PDC participants about the sustainability actions that are being carried out at the site.