Santander, Spain, invests and expands its cruise facilities

Santander - Spain (Santander Cruise Deluxe)As the Port of Santander celebrates 150 years, it looks to a new future having invested millions in upgrading and expanding its facilities.

In 2021 the Passenger Terminal was refurbished at a cost of more than €1 million to improve the passenger experience. This included altering the way the space is used and opening up the seaside view.

For 2023, further improvements are on the agenda. A new exhibition room and cafeteria and a larger Tourism Office will be opened within the terminal prior to the start of the cruise season in April.

With €30 million-plus being spent on moving the ferry terminal to a newly-built quay of 375m in length and 8m depth, together with floating ramp and LNG bunkering station, Brittany Ferries will be moving its operation away from the above Passenger Terminal, hence freeing it up almost exclusively for cruise calls.

An additional benefit will be that cruiseships will also be able to call the ferry terminal on no-ferry days.

LNG will be provided under an administrative concession granted to a consortium consisting of representatives from the Port of Santander and Repsol LNG Holding, ESK and Enagas.

Sophie Lanos, cruise manager Port of Santander, says: “From next year all cruise vessels are going to call in the city centre. This is a unique offer in the North of Spain and it is especially interesting for the luxury ships.”

Next year 22 calls are expected compared to 21 this year which matches the record at the port in 2019 before Covid struck. This year Oceania Cruises called for the first time and next Swan Hellenic arrives as a newcomer.

Lanos adds that onshore power installation is under study for several installations in the port, including cruise traffic.

(Cruise Santander, Cruise Europe)