Cruise Shipping in Hamburg: At 280 Calls the 2022 Season closes with a positive Outlook. From 2025 all permanent cruise terminals to offer shore-based electricity

AIDAmar in front of Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie (AIDA Cruises)As the 2022 season draws to a close Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH (CGH) sees the cruise industry in Hamburg moving forward in a positive way. So far, Hamburg has registered 280 calls by 49 different ships from 20 cruise lines, ten maiden calls, one christening and roughly 750,000 passengers as well as 41 calls by river cruise ships.

“After two years of pandemic-related restrictions, cruise shipping in Hamburg has made a strong comeback,” comments Simone Maraschi, Managing Director of CGH, on the figures. “At 280 calls the 2022 cruise season has seen the most calls ever at Hamburg, surpassing even pre-pandemic levels (2019: 210 calls). We are very happy about the high demand in cruises departing from Hamburg. For us it is proof that the enormous efforts and the adaptability demonstrated by the entire industry during the COVID-19 pandemic are truly appreciated.”

2023 Outlook – The most beautiful Sea Voyages start at the Gateway to the World

The figures for the upcoming year suggest that demand for cruise travel will continue to rise. In 2023 Hamburg is expecting 283 calls and a further 37 calls by river cruise ships. Apart from a wide range of travel destinations and ship types to choose from, cruise fans can look forward to lots of special events. Eight maiden calls are scheduled at Hamburg (among them two ships from new shipping companies, OCEAN ALBATROS of ALBATROS TRAVEL and Explora I of EXPLORA JOURNEYS), Hamburg will celebrate its 834th Port Anniversary from May 5 through 7, 2023 and stage the Hamburg Cruise Days from September 8 through 10, 2023.

Hamburg will continue to play a Leading Role in Sustainability

When the shore power station at the Altona cruise terminal started operations in 2016 – back then it was the first of its kind in Europe – Hamburg established its reputation as a maritime shore power pioneer. Moreover, Hamburg was the first port in Europe to make the pivotal decision to electrify all permanent terminals by 2040. According to current planning, cruise ships berthing at the Cruise Center Steinwerder can be supplied green shore side power in the second half of 2023, and the facility at the new Cruise Center HafenCity currently under construction is expected to be available in the 2025 season. By continuously expanding its shore power infrastructure Hamburg is strengthening its position as one of Europe’s most sustainable ports.

Jens Meier, CEO of the Hamburg Port Authority AöR, says, “Ports play a crucial role in decarbonisation and keeping the air clean. Shore-side electricity enables us to significantly reduce ships’ emissions while they are docking at the Port of Hamburg. By rapidly expanding its shore power facilities, the Port of Hamburg shows its commitment to protecting the environment and takes account of the expectations Hamburg’s citizens have of a city port. We are looking forward to being one of Europe’s first ports to offer both cruise ships and container vessels shore-based power at the berth in 2025.”

In the 2022 season 30 ships relied on shore-side electricity supplied by the Altona station. Four vessels carried out integration tests. In 2023 twelve ships are planned to undergo integration tests. After having passed all integration tests, ships can be fully certified to use the shore power station while at berth.

Simone Maraschi, “Together with our colleagues at the HPA we are in intensive talks with various cruise lines that have indicated that they will fit their ships with onboard shore power equipment to enable them to rely on shore-side electricity in Hamburg. Every ship that is certified to use the Altona shore power station – and in future Steinwerder and HafenCity – is a further step in the sustainable development of cruise tourism in Hamburg. Ports and cruise lines must combine their efforts to make ports greener and get more ships to use shore power. Increased reliance on shore power in Hamburg may inspire other ports in Europe to follow Hamburg’s lead.”

About Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH
Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH is a subsidiary wholly owned by Hamburg Port Authority AöR. As the operator of Hamburg’s cruise centers Altona, Steinwerder and Baakenhöft, CGH is the single point of contact for all cruise liner companies. CGH strives to provide transparent “one-stop services to the cruise shipping industry” at all of Hamburg’s cruise terminals.

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