Current health situation allows Ponant to relax its protocol. Since 9 September, it is no longer necessary to present proof of a negative test before boarding

Ponant (Logo)With the health situation improving, PONANT is relaxing its “Anti-Covid” measures. Since 9 September, it is no longer necessary to present proof of a negative test before boarding any of the ships in its fleet.

To board, guests only need to present a certificate showing proof of at least one of the three scenarios:

> A complete vaccination scheme that includes at least three doses of an mRNA vaccine,
> Two vaccination doses provided the second has been given within nine months of the date of embarkation. Proof of past infection can count as one of these doses,
> One vaccination dose or proof of past infection of more than 2 weeks and within a maximum of four months at the time of boarding.

A test will only be mandatory if it is required by local authorities. Guests will have the opportunity to do the test on board.

The same applies for wearing a mask, which is no longer compulsory for guests, although its use is still highly recommended on board and ashore. Their use ashore will be subject to the requirements of the local authorities at each port or destination. PONANT’s seafaring crew members who are in contact with guests will still have to wear masks.

Finally, in the event of a Covid case being detected on board, the quarantine measures may be reduced depending on the diagnosis of the ship’s doctor regarding the risk of infection. Those diagnosed as being of low risk will no longer be automatically required to isolate and will be able to take part in activities, but under supervision and in compliance with instructions, to ensure all those on board remain safe.

However, if the risk on board were to increase, PONANT and the ship’s Captain may need to re-introduce more extensive measures with regards to tests, mask wearing and quarantine. In all cases, PONANT will increase its measures to the level required by countries visited where they may be more restrictive.