AIDA Cruise & Help enables 33rd school project during Hamburg Cruise Days

Hamburg Cruise Days 2019: spectacular parade of cruise ships in the Port of Hamburg (Photo credit: Jan Schugardt/Hamburg Cruise Days)“You enjoy – we donate!” – under this motto, visitors to this year’s Hamburg Cruise Days were able to discover culinary delights at the AIDA Holiday World and get involved in a good cause at the same time.

Through the proceeds from the sale of freshly prepared burgers and cool drinks, the charitable initiative AIDA Cruise & Help is now funding the construction of a school in India, enabling the 33rd project worldwide.

Cruise enthusiasts were able to learn about the wide range of travel options at the AIDA Holiday World at the Kehrwiederspitze from August 19 to 21, 2022.

In addition to highlights such as the true-to-the-original show cabin of AIDAcosma, the large roof terrace with deck chairs inviting to linger and best entertainment with the AIDAradio, a special fundraising campaign awaited the visitors: In exchange for previously purchased charity coupons, AIDA gourmet godmother Felicitas Then served delicious burger creations from her food truck. Besides, the Beach Bar provided suitable drinks for the summer temperatures.

All proceeds from the coupon sales will now benefit AIDA Cruise & Help. Thanks to the large participation of guests visiting the AIDA vacation world in the form of almost 2,800 burgers and cocktails sold, a new school can be built for the Indian village of Mandalapalli over the next twelve months. In the future, a spacious building will provide a protected setting for classes for around 80 pupils. The project will be rounded off by adding of a teachers’ room.

Great thanks go to our partners involved: The beverage manufacturers Thomas Henry and Bacardi supported this initiative by kindly providing their products.

AIDA Cruise & Help has bundled all of AIDA Cruises’ charitable projects since 2019. The initiative is committed to supporting education in emerging and developing countries and thus to sustainably improve future prospects of children in the poorest parts of the world.

(AIDA Cruises)