Itinerary planning in the Baltic Sea region and Norway becomes easier with the new edition of the “Itinerary Planner”

Cruise Baltic (logo)Cruise Norway (logo)Last year Cruise Baltic and Cruise Norway joined forces and launched the Itinerary Planner. The tool aims to make planning itineraries in the Baltic Sea region and Norway easier, and now the Itinerary Planner is ready in a new and improved edition.

To make it easier and more accessible to plan itineraries in the Baltic Sea region and Norway, Cruise Baltic and Cruise Norway launched the Itinerary Planner last year. Now the planning tool is back in a new and improved edition with bookings reflecting the current situation in the Baltic Sea region and Norway.

“In uncertain times plans change, and this is why our collaboration with Cruise Norway and our joint work with the Itinerary Planner are so important. With the update of the Itinerary Planner we hope to make it as convenient as possible not only to plan itineraries but also to change them if necessary,” says Claus Bødker, the Director of Cruise Baltic.

Since the launch of the Itinerary Planner last year, Cruise Baltic and Cruise Norway have reviewed the Itinerary Planner to improve the planning tool, making it even more convenient to include ports in Norway and the Baltic Sea region in the itinerary.

“The Itinerary Planner makes it easier for cruise lines to be agile in their itinerary planning, and in times like these, all of us need the ability to adapt to the everchanging circumstances that we live in. With the Itinerary Planner, we hope to provide the cruise lines with an easy overview of current bookings in the ports of Norway and the Baltic Sea region,” says Inge Tangerås, Managing Director of Cruise Norway.

The Itinerary Planner is a planning tool that makes it possible for cruise lines to create a draft of the preferred itinerary, check availability and avoid congestion. The tool is a great and convenient way for cruise lines to get an overview for their itinerary planning. Most ports in the Baltic Sea region and Norway are included in the Itinerary planner and are easy to identify. Ports with no availability will be displayed as “fully booked”.

Find the Itinerary Planner here: or

Cruise Baltic was founded in 2004 and is a B2B network of 32 ports and destinations in the Baltic Sea Region aiming to promote the region towards cruise lines and travel agents. The network offers all cruise lines easy access, great service, high standards, and full integration between ports and cities throughout the region.

Cruise Norway is a marketing company owned by Norwegian cruise ports, destination companies, attractions, and suppliers to the incoming cruise industry in Norway. Established in 1992, Cruise Norway serves as a B2B cruise network and marketing organization for all major Norwegian cruise ports including Svalbard. Cruise Norway’s main objective is to promote Norway as the world’s most popular nature-based cruise destination, and to work for stability and predictability in terms of frame conditions for the cruise tourism in Norway.

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