Shore power is coming to Haugesund, Norway

Haugesund prepares for shore power (c) Karmsund Havn (February 2022)Havnekraft AS will establish a high-voltage shore power system for cruiseships at the Garpeskaer berth in Haugesund. Planned delivery of the facility is the end of 2022.

It will also be prepared for other vessels visiting the port outside the cruise season, which provides a highly flexible solution for the port and visiting vessels.

Havnekraft, owned by Haugaland Kraft and Port of Karmsund/Haugesund, has awarded PSW Power & Automation the contract for a high voltage shore power solution with a capacity of up to 16MVA according to IEC 80005-1. The contract includes a technical solution and electrical infra-structure which will enable low voltage connection by other vessels outside the cruise season.

PSW Power & Automation will design, assemble, and test the complete system in their facilities at Agotnes before it is shipped to Haugesund for installation and commissioning.

“Havnekraft will be an important contributor for the owners to achieve their high ambitions in technology and sustainability. For the region to continue to be one of the largest cruise ports in Norway, it is important that we get a shore power solution in place.

“We have been working for a long time to get a shore power solution for cruiseships in place, and this will be the most important individual measure to reduce emissions from operations at the local port sections” says Tine Osmundsen, chairman Havnekraft.

“The solution on Garpeskjaer quay will annually be able to supply over a hundred cruiseships with shore power as well as other vessels outside the cruise season. With the system ordered from PSW Power & Automation, we will have a flexible system with high utilisation. We have high expectations for this delivery and look forward to connecting the first ship to shore power.”

“This is a significant contract for us,”
says Eirik Sorensen, general manager PSW Power & Automation, adding: ”We are proud to contribute to another green harbour in Norway.”

Norway has come a long way in terms of establishing shore power solutions. By connecting cruiseships to shore power, major reductions in both emissions and noise are achieved, in addition to the effect of reduced operating and maintenance costs.

Haugesund is situated between Stavanger and Bergen – nestled between countless small islands and endless mighty fjords – such as Åkrafjord, Hardangerfjord and Lysefjord.

The town itself offers exciting specialist stores for clothes, interiors and wellbeing. Trawl the pedestrian streets to sample the sea air or enjoy a soothing cup of coffee at a cosy café. Haugesund is a young and vibrant town with roots dating back to Viking times. A thousand years ago, King Harald Fairhair united Norway into a single kingdom near here. Ever since, Haugaland has laid claim to the title “Homeland of the Viking Kings – Norways Birthplace”. As in Viking days, seafaring and trade symbolise this coastal region. The region is rich in history with many exciting destinations to experience. A broad range of excursions is available to explore the history, culture and stunning scenery the area offers.

(Cruise Europe, Port of Karmsund/Haugesund)