Photographer of stars Sasha Gusov sees what others don’t with Swan Hellenic

Swan Hellenic (Logo)London-based photographer Sasha Gusov, famed for his portraits of stars of the stage, silver screen, music and ballet, is more often engaged in his own artistic projects today.

A constant traveller, crafting haunting images of life as he goes, the second cruise of Swan Hellenic’s brand-new ship “SH Minerva” was a natural choice for him to explore the vast expanses of Antarctica.

Although unable to resist taking colour digital shots of Minerva’s stylish interiors and works of art, Sasha opted for his beloved film camera to take atmospheric black and white photos conveying the fierce majesty of the Antarctic Peninsula.

So, when Swan Hellenic came to the assistance of the Antarctic Quest 21 expedition commemorating the centenary of Shackleton’s final voyage, Sasha was there to testify to the prompt emergency extraction of the team, which risked being stranded on the peninsula.

Sasha prefers film for the way it makes him treasure every frame, and black and white film in particular for its heightened textures, evocative contrasts and soul. Explore his photography and you’ll immediately see just what he means.

“I loved every minute with Swan Hellenic. It was a truly in-depth experience that really opened my eyes. And what a ship – stunning! Witnessing the Antarctic Quest emergency extraction was a real privilege…” said Sasha Gusov.

“It was a pleasure to have Sasha aboard. He was warmly appreciative of everything we have worked so hard to create, from the expert lectures to the creative interior design and inspired gourmet cuisine. To have him with us, capturing the evacuation of the Antarctic Quest team, was an unforgettable honour.”
commented Hotel Director Philipp Reutener.

You can see more examples of Sasha’s acclaimed work on Instagram:

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