The Cruise Baltic network reunites and talks sustainability

Cruise Baltic (logo)New members and a sustainability priority – the Cruise Baltic network is back together hosting a conference on shore power and reuniting for the first time post-pandemic last week. Partners and relevant stakeholders of the network were invited to discuss the benefits of shore power and alternative fuels.

On October 25 the Cruise Baltic network hosted a conference in Malmö, Sweden under the headline ”Shore Power for Dummies”.

Several experts were invited to discuss the benefits and possibilities of shore power with partners of the network and stakeholders of the industry. The whole session was moderated by Danish journalist Tine Gøtzsche.

Being a part of the 2021-plan ‘Comeback Copenhagen’ developed by the Municipality of Copenhagen, the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and Wonderful Copenhagen, the Cruise Baltic network is working determinedly on sustainable cruise development in the Baltic Sea region.

“We can’t stress enough that sustainability is the most important agenda in our business. Sustainability is not the opposite of growth – sustainability is fundamental for growth,” says Director of Cruise Baltic, Claus Bødker.

The conference was the first of its kind and several experts on shore power gave their presentations also addressing the political challenges.

Present at the conference was the Ministry of Environment of Denmark talking about how The Nordic Council of Ministers are determined to make the Greater Baltic Sea area the most sustainable cruise destination in the world by 2030. The whole region must continue to focus on creating sustainable cruises in the same way as they did before the pandemic.

“It means a lot to Cruise Baltic that so many different stakeholders are coming together to have constructive and beneficial discussions on shore power. Communicating with each other is the key to action,” says Director of Cruise Baltic, Claus Bødker.

After the conference Cruise Baltic held a two-day meeting in Malmö reuniting with 32 ports and destinations and 9 cruise line representatives.

“Cruise Baltic is thrilled to finally reunite after two years apart. Also, we are proud to welcome many new members who have joined us despite the pandemic. The network is definitely alive and kicking – and we are aiming to be the front runners of the green agenda,” says Director of Cruise Baltic, Claus Bødker.

Cruise Baltic was founded in 2004 and today it includes 32 ports and destinations in the Baltic Sea Region. The network offers easy access, great service, high standards, and full integration between ports and cities throughout the region.

(Cruise Baltic)