Rouen cruise quay is being extended

HAROPA Rouen is investing in extending the quays of the Seine and installing bollards to welcome cruiseships of up to 250m in length at its Rouen cruise terminal. Currently the maximum length of ships that can call Rouen is 240m.

The works will start this winter and be completed in spring 2023. They will be carried out in two phases as to not disrupt current calls expected in 2022.

Rouen has a privileged geographical situation and is a few hours sailing away from key neighbouring cruise ports such as Portsmouth, Southampton, Dover, Bordeaux, Zeebrugge and Amsterdam.

Rouen can accept ships at its dedicated 24-hour cruise terminal which has two berths. The destination is located midway between the sea and Paris and is just 90 minutes from Paris. Most calls to Rouen stay overnight, so passengers have more time to go ashore and choose multiple excursions, including Paris by night.

Last year there were 50 river calls but no ocean. This year HANSEATIC inspiration was the only cruiseship to call but about 300 river calls. In 2022 river calls are expected to reach 750 and ocean calls 20.

Rouen, the Seine Valley and to Honfleur all belong to HAROPA Rouen Port Authority, so each visiting vessel gets charged only once on entering its waters.

Passengers and crew will also benefit from the newly-renovated Rouen Seine riverfront (right and left banks), that is lined with gardens and activities and is a 30 minute walk from the ship to the historical city centre.

Additional renovations and developments, with a strong emphasis on Eco-responsibility and sustainability, will last up to end 2023 and will unveil the future Gustave Flaubert residential Eco-district; a business district, luxury hotels, spas, theatres and a cooking school for the enjoyment of all.

The Rouen Metropolis has also invested heavily in renovating the city centre to make it a modern and welcoming destination for its four million visitors every year. The Museum District with its eight free museums, the train station, the Cathedral Square and the Old Market Square were all given a face lift. Priority is given to pedestrians and cyclists alike, to discover the heritage and art of the downtown area. 26 ocean calls in 2019 and 733 river calls.

(Cruise Europe, Haropa Ports)